How to stream SAW movies on Netflix in 2023

If you are a fan of horror & thriller movies then you must have heard about the name of SAW franchise. It has been around scaring away people in the cinemas since 2004. SAW 1 was an instant hit when it came out and since then, all the SAW movies that followed went on to make good money at the box-office. Good thing is that SAW franchise is available to stream on Netflix now, so you can watch SAW on Netflix whenever you feel like at home.

Now the actual scary bit, this movie is only available on Netflix Norway and no where else. If you are living outside Norway then this movie wont appear in your search results on Netflix. Don’t drop your head yet as Binge Access tells you how to watch movies on Netflix online from anywhere in the world.

Get Netflix Norway & watch SAW movies online

Yes, you understood correct. In order to enjoy the SAW movies online on your devices if you are living outside Norway then you need a VPN service. What a VPN does is that it unblocks Netflix libraries which are only meant to streamed from a specific country. Hence, if you are in USA & need to access Netflix Norway library then you need to switch the VPN on first and then stream SAW movies online in United States on Netflix.

How to use a VPN to stream the blocked shows and movies?

To access geo-restricted content of Netflix, like if you want to watch SAW movie which is only available on Netflix Norway, and if you are residing outside the Norway then follow the steps below & enjoy your favourite Norway Netflix programs online.

  1. Subscribe to Surfshark VPN & down their app from their website.
  2. Log in to the VPN with your provided username and password.
  3. Connect the Norway server.
  4. Once connected, browse the SAW movie on Netflix & enjoy it with your family.

SAW movies list & their release years

You must be wondering that how many SAW movies are there? Here we bring you the complete list of SAW movies in order.

SAW MovieRelease date
SAWOctober 29, 2004
SAW IIOctober 28, 2005
SAW IIIOctober 27, 2006
SAW IVOctober 26, 2007
SAW VOctober 24, 2008
SAW VIOctober 23, 2009
SAW VII or SAW 3DOctober 29, 2010
SAW VIII or SAW XOctober 27, 2023
Jigsaw – SAW IXOctober 27, 2017
Spiral – SAW XMay 14, 2021
The ‘Jigsaw’ & ‘Spiral’ were standalone films
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Access Netflix Norway from anywhere in the world with Surfshark VPN

The storyline of SAW movies

There has been 10 films of SAW horror movie franchise that has been released. Each movie has its own storyline and plot but one thing is similar in all the SAW movies, that is blood, gore, horror, and terror. Just like the Fast and the furious movie franchise, SAW franchise has the same cult fan following since it was released first in 2004. These movies are perfect for those who are looking for a spooky realistic horror movie experience. The plot of SAW movies usually revolves around a serial killer.

SAW first movie’s trailer

For every SAW film there has been a different trailer, here we share with you the first installment of SAW’s franchise’s trailer below.

SAW 2004 trailer


Why can’t I watch SAW movies in my country on Netflix?

SAW movies and only available if you are in Norway because they are only made available on Netflix for Norway. If you want to watch SAW movies from anywhere else then you will have to get yourself the Netflix VPN.

Where to stream SAW movies online?

You have to get yourself subscription of Netflix, and then sign up for a VPN for Netflix. Once you have both these two done you can easily enjoy Netflix Norway’s movies from anywhere in the world.

How long are the SAW movies?

The duration of each of the SAW movie is different ranging from 90-120 minutes.

What is the rating of SAW movies?

All of the SAW movies are rated as “R”.

What is the best VPN for Netflix Norway?

We recommend Surfshark VPN for streaming Norway Netflix, but you if you want to choose any other one, then you can check this Netflix VPN guide.

How do I get Netflix Norway in USA?

If you want to access Norway Netflix in US then get yourself a Netflix VPN.

How to watch Norway Netflix’s programs in UK?

To access Netflix Norway in UK you need to get a VPN for Netflix.

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