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How to watch Survivor Australia in US for free

The Survivor franchise has been around for decades now. Initially what started from America in the year 2000 has now spread its franchises all over the world. Survivor Australia: Heroes vs Villains is the latest edition of this super-hit franchise that is going to air on 30th of January, 2023 on 10 Play.

Now here is the catch, 10 Play is only available to stream in Australia only and no where else. What if you are sitting in US & want to access 10 Play to watch Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains 2023, or you are living in New Zealand or Canada so how to get 10 Play in these countries? Stick around as Binge Access brings you complete streaming information on Survivor reality show.

How to watch Australia Survivor: Heroes vs Villians outside Australia

If you are living in US, Canada or New Zealand and you want to get 10 Play to enjoy Survivor: Heroes vs Villians 2023 Australia online, you have to subscribe to a VPN service. A VPN service can unblock 10 Play for you anywhere in the world. Binge Access recommends Surfshark VPN. We tried and tested this VPN service from our location in USA, New Zealand and Canada to access 10 Play and streamed its programs smoothly without any lag or buffering issues.

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How to use a VPN to stream Australia Survivor Heroes vs Villians anywhere in the world

Follow the step-by-step small guide below to use a VPN to get 10 Play in US, Canada or New Zealand free.

  1. Sign up for Surfshark VPN & download their application in your device.
  2. Log in to your VPN and connect the Australia server.
  3. Log in to 10 Play & search for Australia Survivor 2023 Heroes vs Villains, & enjoy it online from any country.

The format of Survivor AU Heroes vs Villians 2023

Survivor AU season 8 is back & more exciting than ever. The Survivor Australia season 8 will consists of two teams, one being the Heroes and other being the Villians. The shows format will be the same as it has been for decades, the two teams will fight it out to win the contests of the Survivor reality to win the coveted prize.

Reality show Survivor Australia season 8 will have the same pattern like its last 41 seasons. The contentants will be divided into two tribes which will fight each other living in a remote, isolated island. They will provide themselves with food, fire and water all by themselves without having any conveinence.

Heroes Tribe Survivor AU

Heroes tribe will feature the famous face of Queen Hayley Leake, who was the previous winner with Nina Twine from Blood vs Water. Sam Webb who was seen 6 years back with Flick Palmateer from Brains vs Brawn and Shaun Hampson. Hero tribe will also feature a LGBTQ member Benjamin Law, who is an author, journalist, content creator and an ardent fan of the Survivor reality show. David Zaharakis along with Sharni Vinson, Rogue Rubin, Jillaroo Paige Donald, Matt Sharp, and pilot Gerry Geltch will complete the tribe of Heroes in Survivor AU.

Villians Tribe Survivor AU

The tribe of Villians in Australi Survivor will have George the Terrible, George the Terrible who will be seen the third time, Simon Mee the winner of the first season of Australia Survivor, Jordie Hansen, Steve who is looking to avenge himself, & Jackie Glazier the known poker player of Australia.

The Villians will also have the beautiful face of Sarah Marsch who won Miss World Australia, Liz Parnov an olympian, Anjali Rao an Indian news achor, Fraser Lack, Michael Warren and the car showroom guy Mimi Tang.

The contestants of Survivor Australia 2023

There will be two tribes in Heroes vs Villians. One is Hero tribe and other is Villian tribe in Australia Survivor 2023.

Hero tribeVillian tribe
Hayley LeakeGeorge Mladenov
David ZaharakisShonee Bowtell
Nina TwineSarah Marschke
Shaun HampsonJordie Hansen
Benjamin LawAnjali Rao
RogueLiz Parnov
Flick PalmateerSimon Mee 
Sharni VinsonStevie Khouw
Gerry GeltchMimi Tang
Paige DonaldMichael Warren
Matt SharpFraser Lack
Sam WebbJackie Glazier
These are all the castaways in Survivor AU : Heroes V/S Villians

Survivor Heros vs Villians Australia sneak peak


When will Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes vs Villains premier?

Australian Survivor 2023: Heroes vs Villains will air on 10 Play on Monday, January 30th at 7:30 PM.

Who Is the host of Australian Survivor : Heroes vs Villains on 10 Play?

Jonathan LaPaglia will be hosting the season 8 of Survivor Australia.

How much is the winning prize of Survivor AU Heroes vs Villians?

The final winner of Survivor Australia season 8 will get the prize of $500,000.

Where is Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains being filmed?

The AU Survivor 2023 is being filmed in Samoa.

What is the IMDB rating of Australia Survivor?

Survivor season 8 Australia: Heroes vs Villians enjoy the rating of 7.2 rating on IMDb.

Where to watch Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains in US?

You can access Australia Survivor: Heroes vs Villains 2023 in United States on 10 Play with a VPN.

How to get 10 Play in Canada to watch Survivor Australia 2023 online?

You can access 10 Play in Canada with a VPN, and then you can enjoy Heroes vs Villians Australia Survivor 2023 online in Canada.

Is Survivor Australia: Heroes vs Villians available in New Zealand?

The only way that you can watch Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains in New Zealand is by getting a VPN which will give you the access to 10 Play.

Which is the best VPN for streaming 10 Play anywhere in the world?

To access 10 Play outside Australia we recommend Surfshark VPN.

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