Amazon Prime VPN


Amazon Prime VPN. You would be wondering that why would you need a VPN for watching Amazon Prime video. Well, Binge Access is here to you all. Amazon Prime video is one such platform which is easily available in most the countries the world for a subscription fee, but there is a catch. The content libraries of this streaming platform is different from region to region, so that means if you are vacationing abroad and looking to stream your favorite show on Prime Video you might not be able to find it.

Amazon Prime VPN

Now you must have gotten the idea that why did me mention VPN for Amazon Prime at the start. With a Virtual Private Network, you can easily watch Amazon Prime’s library of your home country. For this purpose, we tested several VPN services and short-listed top 5 VPN for Amazon Prime which would enable you to stream your favorite programs that are available in your country.

PRIME VIDEO: This video is currently unable to watch in your location

If you access Amazon Prime video from a location which is not supported by the streaming platform then you might face an error message which geo-restricts you to access the entertainment platform of its libraries. But fret no more, as Binge Access is here to help ;).


BEST VPN for Amazon Prime

You must be wondering that which VPN is the best for Prime Video. After researching and testing many VPN services, we have come to a conclusion that the top VPN for Amazon prime video are the ones below:

  • Express VPN: The best Prime video VPN with great speeds & easy connectivity.

  • Nord VPN: A VPN with a solid reputation in unblocking streaming services online.

  • SurfShark VPN: A budget-friendly yet great choice for streaming shows online.

  • Atlas VPN: A solid performing VPN that costs a fraction of the expensive ones.

Express VPN

We rank Express VPN at the top of the charts because of its unparalleled quality in accessing Amazon Prime video. The streaming speeds at a user gets with Express VPN is unmatchable by the other VPN providers, so you don’t have to worry about buffering while streaming movies and shows online. And oh yeah, it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, so your hard earned money is safe with Express VPN.

Express VPN has 28 dedicated servers in USA, so that takes care of your streaming needs easily. For accessing Amazon Prime video, we recommend connecting to New York, Dallas #2, Chicago, & Seattle servers online.



Nord VPN

One can’t complete the list of top Prime video VPN without Nord VPN in the list. The biggest benefit of using Nord VPN for Amazon Prime is that it has near 2000 servers in US alone, so if it lacks a little but in quality, it makes up with the quantity. Those servers are adequate enough to quench your binge watching thirst of Amazon entertainment.

The servers which stood out the best in our test of watching Prime videos are 9457, 9223 & 8560 of USA. The peace of mind that you get with Nord VPN is that it also comes with a money-back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied with its performance (which is highly unlikely) you can always get your money back.



Surfshark VPN

If you are looking for a budget friendly VPN that delivers good performance with the Amazon Prime then you should go for Surfshark VPN. With the total number of servers over 3000, the Surfshark VPN gives great value for money for streaming Prime Video with a VPN. Another feather in the cap of Surfshark is that it offer unlimited number of connections, so you can share your VPN account with all your family and friends and never run out if the bandwidth.

For watching Amazon Prime outside US, we recommend opting for SurkShark’s Las Vegas, Latham, Seattle or Atlanta servers for Prime Video. So for those of you who are a little tight on the budget, Surfshark is the best solution for unlocking Amazon Prime.


Atlas VPN

Finally the VPN which rounds up our list of best VPN services for Prime video is Atlas VPN. Atlas VPN is the cheapest VPN for Amazon Prime yet it performs magnificently well. This relatively new and small VPN Company is already making heads turn in the tech market for by passing geo-restrictions online. It delivered great service when Binge Access checked it with Amazon Prime and the Prime Movies and Prime Shows that we watched with this VPN worked without buffer.

Atlas VPN also comes with the money back guarantee, so in case you don’t like this service, you can always get your dollar back. Their optimized USA VPN servers in New Jersey, Miami, Phoenix, & Las Vegas are enough for you to steam Amazon Prime movies and shows from outside USA with ease.