BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer UK

The BBC iPlayer is the service over which you can streaming video on demand. This service can be streamed at any device that you have, from phones to smart televisions to tablets to your personal computers or laptops.


BBC iPlayer explained

BBC iPlayer is only available for streaming in United Kingdom. It also has the option of 4k streaming for BBC iPlayer service. The best quality of this streaming service is that even if you had missed a show you can always catch it back on the broadcast of BBC iPlayer, that is why it is called a (Video on demand) service in UK.

The content on BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer’s website has a list of sections where you could browse your favorite content from. They all appear in the alphabetical order for the ease of search. The library of BBC iPlayer has way above 2500+ titles to stream from & it keeps growing with time too.

You can find your favorite soaps, dramas, sports and comedy, nature and history, science and many more. The originals of BBC iPlayer which are exclusive to this streaming service includes, Meet the bands, Fear itself, The Rack Pack and many more. You can also watch UFC on BBC3,  very recently it streamed UFC 280.

Setting up profiles on BBC iPlayer

The USP which sets BBC iPlayer apart from other is its profiling. Users have the option of making 4 different profiles according to each’s likability. It helps the user to have the personalized streaming experience of the BBC iPlayer, oh and it also comes with a Parental lock so you can restrict the screen-time of your kids.

BBC iPlayer supported platforms

BBC iPlayer supports a lot of modern day platforms such as:

  1. Windows
  2. MacOS
  3. Android
  4. Linux (Ubuntu)
  5. iOS
  6. Amazon FireTV chromecast
  7. Roku
  8. Apple TV
  9. Sky TV
  10. TV now
  11. PS 3 & PS 4
  12. Xbox 360 & Xbox 1
  13. Sky go (and many more)

Channels available on BBC iPlayer

Following are the channels available to stream on BBC iPlayer:

  • BBC Radio 1
  • CBBC & CBeeBies
  • BBC Scotland
  • BBC News
  • BBC Parliament
  • BBC Alba
  • S4C

BBC iPlayer VPN

Accessing BBC iPlayer with a VPN is a good thing to do. You get the security or a VPN and access that a VPN can give to stream BBC iPlayer. Binge Access recommends the best BBC iPlayer VPN for your streaming.

VPN Services that we recommend for accessing BBC iPlayer outside UK are mentioned below.