Netflix is arguably the world’s most watched and the most famous streaming platform. Launched way back in 1997, people wouldn’t have had the idea that this will turn into a household name in the near future. It offers vast variety of steaming content through its distribution that includes movies, tv shows and a lot more. It even produces its down programs under the banner of The Netfilx Originals.


- How does it work?

This streaming service is the most easy to use out of all the services available currently in the market. Once you sign up to this service, you are welcomes with a very friendly interface of all the programs and shows that Netflix has available in your region. You can easily scroll and browse through the content as it is broken down under different tags and categories.

- The Ai of Netflix

The algorithm of Netflix works in an amazingly swift way. It tracks down the kind of category or programs you are browsing through or have watched and then it starts recommending the same kind of stuff as per your liking.

- The Netflix libraries

Netflix produces and distributes programs that are different in nature from country to country. So what happens is that if you are logged in from country A then you will only get to see the programs offered for Netflix in your country and you won’t have access to the programs of country B. But there is a hack to that, if you want to see the programs of some other country in your hometown then you will have to get yourself a VPN to stream Netflix seamlessly.