What is Hulu?

Hulu is another streaming platform which has movies and TV shows for its audience to stream. Hulu was launched in 2008 so it is one of the old players in the streaming entertainment industry. The main drawback of Hulu is that it comes with ads but the trade off is that it is very light on the pocket.

The subscriber base of Hulu is over 40 million people and its stock is majority owned by Disney. But even after the advent of Disney Plus, Hulu hasn’t lost its value.


The programs at Hulu

Hulu is armed with the huge library of around 2500 movies and more than 45,000 episodes of numerous television shows, but there is a catch, Hulu contains ads and the ad-free version of Hulu comes at an expensive price which is almost double the one with the ads version. Some famous names at Hulu are Staff Picks, Cult, Indies, Terrifying TV, The Family and many more.

Subscrption fees of Hulu

The basic plan of Hulu will cost you $7/month or $70/year which is much more affordable than the other streaming platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus.

If you choose to buy the ad-free subscription plan of Hulu then it will cost you $13/month for the premium plan.

People who are looking for Hulu and Live TV together will have to pay the fees of $70/month that has 70+ channels of Live TV & with no-ads, this price goes up to $76/month.

Hulu VPN

A VPN is a very handy option to use with Hulu. With a Hulu VPN you can access Hulu from anywhere with ease.