What is Foxtel?

The Foxtel is a steaming media business group from Australia. It offers subscription television services to its dedicated 4 million plus subscribers. The group is owned 65% by the News Corp & 35% is owned by the Telstra.


Brands of Foxtel Group

There are four different brands or businesses that the Foxtel groups owns:

  • FOXTEL, the premium streaming service
  • KAYO SPORTS, their sports steaming service
  • BINGE, another of their streaming service from Australia
  • FLASH, the group’s news streaming service which gives the inside scoop on the local and internal news to its subscribers

Foxtel to Foxtel Now

Foxtel announced that it will be discontinuing its services as the TV cable network in the year 2023, this is happening because of the advent of new and improved digital streaming services like Netflix and others have hit the market, which has taken their share away from them, that is the reason why Foxtel is fully moving to Foxtel Now.

Foxtel now is an streaming service by Foxtel TV which gives you complete access to the streaming content belonging to the Foxtel TV and much more of its own. Foxtel now is the answer to Netflix and other platforms of this group to challenge them in the world of digital streaming entertainment. Just like every other platform, you can access Foxtel Now on your laptops, cell phones and other supported devices.

Foxtel's subcription fee

Since Foxtel has a lot of channels, every channel has its own subscription fee:

  • FOXTEL’s subscription fees is $69/month for Foxtel Plus and Entertainment together.
  • Foxtel with MOVIES HD for the same $69/month.
  • Foxtel with SPORTS HD is at $74/month.
  • Foxtel PREMIUM BUNDLE is for $99/month.
  • Foxtel PREMIUM PLAN is $120/month that includes a standard plan of Netflix.
  • Foxtel NOW comes at $25/month & if you want to add the drama channels along with it then it will cost you $10 more over the price of $25/month
  • Foxtel NOW bundles ESSENTIALS + DRAMA stands at $35/month
  • Foxtel NOW bundle of ESSENTIAL + SPORT stands at $54/month
  • Foxtel NOW bundle of ESSENTIAL + MOVIES at $45/month.

Foxtel with a VPN

Foxtel is only available for the audience in Australia. So if you want to access Foxtel from outside Australia, that problem of yours can be solves by a VPN. You can easily watch Foxtel from anywhere in the world by that. Binge Access promotes the use of VPN or internet surfing.

How to watch Foxtel outside Australia

In order to access Foxtel outside Australia or anywhere in the world, you will have to get a Foxtel VPN. VPN for Foxtel will enable you to stream Foxtel outside Australia. Just like Netflix VPN or Hulu VPN all you will have to do is to Subscribe to a VPN service, download the VPN software and connect to the Australian server to watch Foxtel from anywhere in the world.

We recommend the following virtual private network services which will enable you to enjoy programs on Foxtel and watch movies easily online.

Top VPN for Foxtel

Following are the best VPN services that work with Foxtel Australia:

  1. NORD VPN: This VPN is around for a long long time and with time, it has proven its reliability in acessing different streaming platforms & channels. You can get Nord VPN here.
  2. EXPRESS VPN: This tried and tested vpn for streaming works perfectly well for accessing Foxtel from anywhere in the world. Get it now.
  3. Surfshark VPN:This great VPN works really well with Foxtel. The good thing about SurkShark is that it gives you the liberty to share it with unlimited users so your whole famliy can stream Australian programs outside Australia. Get Surfshark from here.
  4. Atlas VPN: This small yet effective VPN service isn’t behind Surfshark when it comes to accessing Foxtel in USA or anywhere in the world. It delivers solid performance from accessing Australian movies and shows and doesn’t break your bank either. Get Atlas VPN now.

Just like Disney + VPN or HBO Max VPN, you would need a VPN for watching Foxtel movies too.