La Liga live online: A complete streaming guide

Football fans or non-football fans, everybody loves La Liga. La liga is the most famous of Spanish football leagues. This football tournament has twenty teams battling it out to become the coveted La Liga football champion 2023. This football league has the biggest names in the world of football, the best teams & the most highest paid coaches. If you are one of those people who want to get La Liga Live online then keep reading, as in this blog we bring you complete streaming information La Liga football championship.

La Liga live on Voot app

Voot is an Indian streaming app. That app has many different things that it has, from dramas, to shows, to movies and sports as well. Voot app has currently got the rights to broadcast La Liga live online. The catch lies in the fact that this app is only available in India and nowhere else & if you want to get this app outside India, you would have to subscribe to a VPN. Express VPN has one of the fastest servers in India & you can watch anything without the buffering you might experience with other services.

Best La Liga VPN

List of La Liga 2023 matches complete schedule

Below is the complete list of Spanish Football League La Liga’s fixtures of 2023 with dates & match timings.

Match DateMatch timeMatches
January 20, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Celta v/s Mallorca
January 21, 20237:54 A.M (ET)Real Sociedad v/s Rayo Vallecano
January 21, 202310:09 A.M (ET)Real Betis v/s Espanyol
January 21, 202312:24 P.M (ET)Atletico Madrid v/s Real Valladolid
January 21, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Sevilla v/s Cadiz
January 22, 20237:54 A.M (ET)Villarreal v/s Girona
January 22, 202310:09 A.M (ET)Osasuna v/s Elche
January 22, 202312:24 P.M (ET)Barcelona v/s Getafe
January 22, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Real Madrid v/s Athletic Bilbao
January 23, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Valencia v/s Almeria
January 27, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Espanyol v/s Almeria
January 28, 20237:54 A.M (ET)Mallorca v/s Cadiz
January 28, 202310:09 A.M (ET)Barcelona v/s Girona
January 28, 202312:24 P.M (ET)Sevilla v/s Elche
January 28, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Getafe v/s Real Betis
January 29, 20237:54 A.M (ET)Valencia v/s Real Valladolid
January 29, 202310:09 A.M (ET)Atletico Madrid v/s Osasuna
January 29, 202312:24 P.M (ET)Athletic Bilbao v/s Celta
January 29, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Real Madrid v/s Real Sociedad
January 30, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Villarreal v/s Rayo Vallecano
February 1, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Barcelona v/s Real Betis
February 2, 20232:54 P.M (ET)Real Madrid v/s Valencia
This is the complete list of La Liga 2023 matches, dates & times

La Liga 2023 teams

Following are the top 20 teams taking part in the Spanish La Liga 2023.

SevillaReal MadridRayo VallecanoReal Sociedad
Real BetisOsasunaMallorcaGirona
GetafeEspanyolElcheCelta Vigo
CádizBarcelonaAtlético MadridAthletic Club
football vpn
Live stream La Liga from anywhere online

How to access La Liga with a VPN online?

La Liga live steaming is very easy with Express VPN. Follow the step by step guide below by Binge Access to watch La Liga 2023 from anywhere in the world online.

  1. Subscribe to Express VPN & download their app in your device.
  2. Open the VPN app and connect to Indian server.
  3. Open VOOT app, & log in with your ID/Password.
  4. Watch La Liga 2023 online from anywhere in the world.

La Liga 2023 FAQs

What app is showing La Liga 2023?

La Liga 2023 is available to live stream on many different apps such as VOOT, Sling TV, Fubo TV, TSN and many others. If you want the access to any of these apps in your country then you can access them with a VPN.

Is Peacock TV showing La Liga 2023?

Yes, you can watch La Liga 2023 in USA on Peacock TV’s ESPN Plus. ESPN has all the match of La Liga that you can binge watch upon.

Which channel is showing La liga 2023 in US?

Fanatiz, ESPN+, and FuboTV are showing La Liga 2023 matches in US.

How can I watch La Liga 2023 in Australia?

Kayo Sport is showing the matches of La Liga 2023 in Australia.

Where can I stream La Liga football matches in Canada?

TSN Direct and RDS are hosting La Liga 2023 matches in Canada which was once streamed by Bien sports.

How to access La Liga 2023 matches from UK?

You can watch La Liga live online in UK at Amazon Prime.

How to watch La Liga live online in Colombia?

You can stream La Liga 2023 in Colombia on VOOT app with a VPN.

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