Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Disney Plus as the name suggests is an American entertainment platform which is owned by the Walt Disney Company. This platform is involved in the distribution of their entertainment programs which are produced by the Walt Disney studios & the Walt Disney Company.


The Launch

This streaming platform Disney Plus was was launched in 2019 just before the Covid-19 struck this world. Initially it was only meant to be streamed in USA, Canada & Netherlands but later on it expanded its wings to Australia, New Zealand and Puerto Rico 7 days later. In India Disney collaborated with Hotstar and is known as Disney+Hotstar.

The programs of Disney Plus

Disney plus has an arsenal of entertainment for its streaming audience, and it includes Disney, Pixar, Marvel Studios, Star Wars, National Geographic and 20th Century Fox as well. Day by day and week and by Disney keep on distributing its original movies and TV shows.

Disney Plus isn't available in your country

Many countries in this world face the same message when they try to log on to the Disney Plus portal and that is because of the Geo-restrictions that Disney Plus has set on its programs. That is the reason why having a VPN can be very handy when it comes to streaming Disney Plus.