How to stream Shooting Stars in Canada on Peacock TV

Transport yourself to the 1990s, where the iconic basketball figure LeBron James and his close companions set out on an extraordinary path to achieve greatness. Confronting obstacles and making a controversial choice to change schools, LeBron and his group of friends, famously referred to as the Fab Four, demonstrate their worth on a predominantly white Catholic team, triumphing over initial opposition from the community. If you’re in Canada and eager to catch the enthralling series Shooting Stars, read on for comprehensive details on how to access it through Peacock TV & stream Shooting Stars in Canada.

Access Peacock TV in Canada via VPN & stream Shooting Stars

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Shooting Stars’ plot

Set in the nostalgic 1990s, Shooting Stars weaves a compelling narrative around LeBron James and his trio of driven comrades, all with a burning desire to make a profound mark on the world. Together, these ambitious teenagers embark on a remarkable quest to establish themselves as the premier high school basketball team in the entire nation. However, their path is strewn with unexpected obstacles that demand their unwavering determination to triumph. Confronting challenges of racism, relentless media scrutiny, and the disheartening taste of defeat, they strive to overcome these hurdles as a united force.

The concept of Shooting stars

Drawing inspiration from LeBron James and Buzz Bissinger’s book, Shooting Stars unfolds as a captivating cinematic experience. Serving as a prelude to LeBron James’ illustrious career, the film vividly depicts the remarkable journey of LeBron and his childhood companions as they ascend to become the preeminent high school basketball team in the United States. This transformative chapter acts as a springboard for their future triumphs, encompassing NBA championships and Olympic gold medals.

The movie follows the book

The movie intricately weaves together the book’s narrative, placing a spotlight on a pivotal moment when their coach threatens to disband the tightly-knit group affectionately known as the “Fab Four.” In a resolute and united stance, they make a daring choice to collectively switch schools, enrolling in a predominantly white Catholic institution where they can continue playing varsity basketball as an inseparable unit. Despite encountering resistance from their community, their unrelenting commitment and unwavering camaraderie empower them to surmount the obstacles strewn across their path.

Shooting Stars’ trailer

The official trailer of the film radiates an inspiring atmosphere that is bound to mesmerize aficionados of sports dramas and biographical films. Skillfully crafted to offer an immersive and enjoyable viewing experience, the trailer adeptly refrains from divulging significant plot points, heightening the anticipation for a gripping and emotionally charged narrative. Feast your eyes on the exhilarating sneak peek presented below and prepare for an enthralling journey that lies ahead.

First trailer of Shooting Stars

The trailer of Shooting Stars on Peacock TV

Second trailer of Shooting Stars

Get ready to be enthralled by another mesmerizing teaser trailer of the film, accompanied by the iconic voice of LeBron James narrating the clip. This exclusive sneak peek provides a tantalizing glimpse into the forthcoming movie, sparking a surge of excitement and anticipation among eager viewers. Brace yourself for an electrifying preview that will leave you craving for more stream Shooting Stars in Canada.

Another trailer of Shooting Stars

The cast details of Shooting Stars

The new LeBron James’ movie has the following cast associated with it. Get ready to stream Shooting Stars in Canada.

Marquis ”Mookie” Cook as LeBron James

In the leading role of LeBron James, Peacock’s Shooting Stars shines a spotlight on Marquis “Mookie” Cook, a cherished basketball sensation hailing from Oregon. The film’s trailer unveils Cook’s extraordinary talent, as he effortlessly embodies his character’s magnetism, unwavering fervor, and unyielding resolve. Although this marks Cook’s debut in a prominent film role, his exceptional basketball skills reassure viewers of the authenticity and brilliance he will bring to his portrayal of the legendary athlete. Brace yourself for an unforgettable performance from Cook that will leave audiences in awe.

Caleb McLaughlin as Lil Dru

Caleb McLaughlin steps into the shoes of Lil Dru, a trusted comrade of James and the son of Coach Dru Joyce, in the captivating sports film. The portrayal by McLaughlin in the film’s trailer is nothing short of remarkable, leaving viewers intrigued by the nuanced layers of his character’s persona. Recognized for his standout performances in Stranger Things, McLaughlin has consistently demonstrated his acting prowess in notable projects like Concrete Cowboy and High Flying Bird, showcasing his remarkable talent and versatility. It is evident that McLaughlin’s exceptional abilities will greatly contribute to the compelling portrayal of Lil Dru in the mesmerizing tale of Shooting Stars.

Wood Harris as Coach Dru Joyce

Bringing his talent to the role of Coach Dru Joyce, Wood Harris, renowned for his memorable performance in The Wire, takes the spotlight in Shooting Stars. Serving as the assistant coach and mentor to LeBron and Lil Dru, Harris’s portrayal holds the promise of delivering a performance rich in depth and nuance. Although his appearance in the trailer is brief, Harris’s impressive filmography, which includes notable films like Creed III and Blade Runner 2049, amplifies the anticipation for his captivating portrayal in this film. Prepare to be captivated by Harris as he brings Coach Dru Joyce to life in a truly compelling manner.

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Further cast of Shooting Stars

Alongside Marquis “Mookie” Cook, Caleb McLaughlin, and Wood Harris, the upcoming sports drama boasts a talented ensemble cast. That encompassing notable performers in significant supporting and minor roles. The following names contribute to the film’s star-studded lineup:

ActorCharacter in the movie
Khalil EverageSian Cotton
Thomas W WolfSteve
Bryant CarrollO’Brien
Diane HowardCarolyn Joyce
Aubree StoneSt. Vincent Cheerleader
Stefan JohnsonPlay-By-Play Announcer
Diane HowardCarolyn Joyce
The complete cast of Shooting Stars on Peacock TV

Critic’s review of the movie Shooting Stars

In an assessment by Frank Scheck for ‘The Hollywood Reporter‘, it is revealed that the central characters of Shooting Stars forge a pact to attend the same high school, but their aspirations face a significant obstacle due to Lil Dru’s diminutive stature. Taking a controversial path, they opt to enroll in St. Vincent-St. Mary. It is a predominantly white Catholic school, instead of their local public high school. Despite encountering community backlash, they courageously adapt to their unfamiliar surroundings and embrace the moniker of “Black Irish.”

The inclusion of Romeo Travis, a former rival, proves to be a valuable addition to the team. Also, Dermot Mulroney delivers a standout performance as their coach, Keith Dambrot. Dambrot, a former college basketball coach with his fair share of controversies. He navigates his own set of challenges while exhibiting unwavering commitment to his players. His portrayal strikes a balance between realism, self-deprecating humor, and unwavering intensity, adding depth to the narrative of Shooting Stars.


Is Shooting Stars available on HBO MAX?

No, Shooting Stars is not available on HBO MAX, it can only be streamed on Peacock TV.

Why should I watch Shooting Stars?

Shooting Stars is a must-watch film, particularly for enthusiasts of sports dramas and biographical stories. This cinematic gem presents a captivating depiction of LeBron James’ formative years. It also chronicles his extraordinary odyssey towards becoming an iconic figure in basketball history. With a narrative that explores themes of friendship, resilience, and triumph over adversity, the movie offers a gripping and inspirational viewing experience. Whether you’re a basketball aficionado or simply appreciate engrossing storytelling, Shooting Stars has all the ingredients to deliver an entertaining and uplifting cinematic journey.

Where was Shooting Stars filmed?

The shooting of the movie Shooting Stars took place in Northeast Ohio.

How much is the duration of Shooting Stars movie?

Shooting Stars has the runtime of 116 minutes.

Where to watch Shooting Stars in Canada?

If you are located in Canada, there is a workaround to enjoy the movie by utilizing a Peacock TV VPN and connecting to a US server. This allows you to bypass the geo-restrictions and stream the film from Canada.

When is Shooting Stars releasing?

Shooting Stars will premier on Peacock TV in United States on Friday, June 2, 2023.

Why is Peacock TV not available in Canada?

Peacock TV’s availability outside of the United States, including in Canada, is contingent upon licensing agreements and regional broadcasting rights. There is a solution for accessing Peacock TV in Canada: employing a VPN for Peacock TV and connecting to a US server. By utilizing a VPN, you can bypass the regional restrictions and enjoy access to Peacock TV’s content, bringing the entertainment directly to your Canadian screens.

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