How to Watch Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special in the US

This UK audience of BBC iPlayer are in for a treat this Christmas 2022 as the channel brings them Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special to stream online. Families and individuals all over the globe are relaxing and glued to their streaming channels as they plan to spend time with their folks. Channels are bringing great Christmas movies and shows for the audience and Call the Midwife is one of them.

The Christmas catch lies for the audience in US, Canada & Australia of BBC iplayer. The show Call The Midwife Christmas special 2022 will be unavailable in United States, Australia & Canada because BBC is only available in UK region. Keep reading as Binge Access tells you how to access BBC programs anywhere in the world with a VPN.

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Which VPN to get for streaming ‘Call The Midwife’

To watch Call The Midwife online Christmas 2022 edition on BBC you need a VPN. Binge Access suggest you to get Express VPN to get BBC iplayer in USA. We tried accessing BBC from Canada with a VPN and saw that Express VPN worked perfectly fine with it. So sign up by clicking the square picture below to watcch BBC from Australia, United States, Canada or anywhere outside UK.

Get Express VPN to watch ‘Call the Midwife’

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How to use a VPN to stream BBC iPlayer

Follow the step by step guide below on how to use the VPN app for streaming BBC outside UK.

  • Sign up for Express VPN & download their app.
  • Log in with the ID and password and connect UK server.
  • Log in to your BBC iPlayer and search the show Call The Midwife ‘Christmas Special’
  • Stream BBC iPlayer in US, Canada or anywhere else with your family.

Call the Midwife Christmas Special teaser

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The official cast of Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special

Miranda HartChummy Noakes
Jessica RaineJenny Lee
Bryony HannahCynthia Miller
Jenny Agutter Sister Julienne
Laura MainShelagh Turner
Helen GeorgeTrixie Franklin
Linda BassettNurse Phyllis Crane
Charlotte RitchieBarbara Gilbert
Stephen McGannDr. Patrick Turner
Linda BassettNurse Phyllis Crane
Annabelle Apsion Violet Buckle
Cliff ParisiFred Buckle
Jennifer KirbyValerie Dyer
Victoria YeatesSister Winifred
Leonie Elliott Lucille Anderson
Jack AshtonTom Hereward
Laura ElphinstoneSister Hilda
Leonie Elliott Lucille Anderson
Daniel LaurieReverend Tom Hereward
Reverend Tom HerewardMother Mildred
Georgie GlenMiss Higgins
Kate LambDelia Busby
Cliff Parisi Fred Buckle
Georgie GlenMiss Higgins
Stephen Campbell MooreCaptain Bernard
Max MacmillanTimothy Turner
Victoria YeatesSister Winifred
Linda Bassett Nurse Phyllis Crane
Fenella WoolgarSister Hilda
Ella Bruccoleri Sister Frances
Zephryn TaitteTimothy Turner
Doron Davidson-VidavskiDr. Isaac Lieberman
Kate Lamb Delia Busby
Georgie Glen Miss Higgins
Annabelle ApsionViolet Buckle

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The plot of Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special

Call the Midwife is a drama series which comes on BBC network. This drama dates back to the era of 1950s & 1960s. Call the Midwife is about is based on the memorabilia of Jennifer Worth who worked as a nurse & midwife in East London. This drama depicts the ordeals of the imporverished times of London and how the nurse and midwives of the post-war London struggled with their work. The show also narrates how the struggles of working class’ & the affects of Britain’s new National Health Service on them. The strong storyline of this BBC drama has made it every household’s favourite where it is streamed online.


Why is BBC iPlayer not available in US & Canada?

BBC isn’t accessible in Canada or US region because of regional streaming restrictions by the BBC on certain countries. But with a VPN you can watch BBC outside UK anywhere in the world.

How to get BBC iPlayer in Australia & Canada?

You can access BBC in Australia and Canada online with a VPN service.

How to access BBC iPlayer outside UK?

You can get BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world with a VPN.

Which is the best VPN for BBC in USA & Canada?

The best BBC iPlayer VPN for Canada and United States is Express & Nord VPN.

When is Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special going to come?

The Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special is going to be aired on Saturday, December 25 at 8 pm on BBC iPlayer.

Where is Call The Midwife 2022 Christmas Special filmed?

The Christmas special of the show Call the Midwife was mostly shot in East London. Some of the scenes were filmed in Kent, Suffolk, and Norfolk too.

When is season 12 of Call The Midwife going to come?

The season 12 of Call the Midwife is going to be aired after the Christmas episode of this show.

Can I watch Call the Midwife on Sling TV?

Call the Midwife is only available for BBC and not any other channels or streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu or any other.

How to get BBC iPlayer programs in USA?

You can get BBC iplayer in America with a VPN for BBC.

Can I watch BBC one in Canada?

Yes, you can watch BBC in Canada online with a VPN.

Is BBC iPlayer available in Australia?

No, BBC iPlayer and BBC one are only available in UK, but you can watch BBC iplayer in Australia online with a VPN.

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