Formula-1 Racing

Formula-1 racing has been around for many many years since its start in the decade of 1920s. Initially it used to be a sport which existed in Europe only, but slow and maturely it made its way to the rest of the world.

Now in this era, new circuits are emerging from different cities from the world and even those places where nobody would have predicted that his event is going to take place in the future.


The engine technology of Formula-1

The power unit of a Formula-1 car is its heart. It is the main source of energy which propels the car forward so it can win the races. Over the past century the engine modifications of the Formula-1 cars were constant, with new tweaks and changes happening every year. From the super chargers of the 1950s to the naturally aspirated ones in the 60s, from the turbo engine in the 80s to the 3.0 Liter ones in the 2000s & now the hybrids, which work on both electric motor and gasoline.

People may argue that the best sounding engine were of 90s and early 2000s when the V12s and the V10 roared through the circuits but one thing is for sure that, these changes will keep on happening as we move on with time.

Formula-1 circuits

Formula-1 has gone through many modifications over the years, there were times when the whole of season was raced on single digit races to now a 23 race calendar in the year 2022. The races are happening in every continent of the world with the bulk share going to Europe where the Formula-1 originally started from.

Formula-1 points system

The points system of F1 has its share of changes. In the current year the person who finishes the race on in the first place gets 25 points with 1 point extra if he has managed a fastest lap as well.

  • Second place 18
  • Third place 15
  • Fourth place 12
  • Fifth place 10
  • Sixth place 8
  • Seventh place 6
  • Eight place 4
  • Ninth place 2
  • Tenth place 1

Formula 1 Teams

Since the advent of Formula-1 there have been many teams they came and went, some became World Champions and some were lost in oblivion. In the current season there are 10 teams in F1:

  1. Ferrari
  2. Red Bull Racing
  3. Mercedes
  4. Mclaren
  5. Alpine
  6. Haas
  7. Williams
  8. Aston Martin
  9. Alpha Tauri
  10. Alpha Romeo

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