How to watch The 12th Victim on Hulu from anywhere

The 12th Victim show takes you back in the year 1958, this thriller show is set to captivate the streamers of Hulu in USA. You will see Caril Ann Fugate in this show who was dating a serier killer named Charles Starkweather. The show was aired on the 17th of February on Hulu & the streaming service is only available to access in United States only.

Binge Access tells you the if you want to watch The 12th Victim in Canada or UK, you need to get yourself a VPN that has great servers for streaming in USA. We recommend gettin Nord VPN for that, as if has optimzed USA VPN servers which makes it easy for you to stream Hulu in UK & Canada.

Access Hulu in Canada & UK with Nord VPN

Which is the best Hulu VPN to stream The 12th Victim outside US?

Binge Access recommends getting the best VPN for Hulu for watching The 12th Victim in Canad, UK or anywhere else. Follow the steps below to access Hulu program outside USA.

  • Subscribe to Nord VPN & download their software in your phone, desktop, laptop & in any other gadget.
  • Connect the VPN with USA server.
  • Log in to Hulu, search for The 12th Victim & stream it from anywhere outside United States.

The 12th Victim’s plot

The story of The 12th Victim is about Caril Ann Fugate, who falls in love with a serial killer Charles Starkweather. This is the story about a woman who was the first ever person to be convicted of a murder in US history. This show contains old, archival footage that was actually used in THE 12TH VICTIM. This 4 part show gives a different insight on the infamous Caril Ann Fugate & Charles Starkweather murder in 1958. The couple was involved in the murder of 11 people back in the day. This show also shows about other movies that were produced after being inspired by the killings.

The trailer of 12th Victim on Hulu

The cast of The 12th Victim on Hulu

Phebe E. BohartOlder Caril Ann Fugate
Eric TiedeCharles Starkweather
Jason MarrsCharles Starkweather
Hannah HedrickVelda Bartlett
Ivy VotolatoYoung Caril Ann Fugate
Ryan RohtlaPolice Officer
Jianna BergenJuanita Bell
Chad WinklesPsychiatrist
Jesse VilinskyCold Open
Jordan MonsellElmer Scheele
Cassandra Lee MorrisCaril Fugate
The full cast of The 12th Victim on Hulu

Episodes of the show The 12th Victim

The show will only have a total of four episodes, their timings and days are as under.

Episode dayEpisode timings
Ep.1 – February 17th 20238 pm ET
Ep.2 – February 24th 20238 pm ET
Ep.3 – March 3rd 20238 pm ET
Ep.4 – March 10th 20238 pm ET


How can I watch The 12th Victim in Canada?

You can stream the show The 12th Victim in Canada with a Hulu VPN.

How to stream the show The 12th Victim in UK?

To watch the show The 12th Victim in UK you need to subscribe to a VPN for Hulu.

What is the release date of Hulu’s show The 12th Victim?

The show premiered on 17th of Feb. 2023 on Hulu online.

Is The 12th Victim based on a true story?

Yes, the show is based on the real story of 1958 murders.

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