Sorry, Disney plus is not available in your region

Sorry, Disney + is not available in your country. This phrase is a much known one for the people around the world & you must be asking yourself that where is Disney Plus available. Disney Plus is a streaming platform online for watching movies and TV shows. The platform is totally under the ownership of Disney. In its initial days it went off on a very rough start with their data breaches resulting in getting their passwords hacked of the subscribers.

Is Disney + available in my country?

As of now, Disney + is only made available for 5 countries namely, USA, Canada, Netherlands (Holland), Australia & New Zealand. With that being said, there are millions of Disney shows & movies’ fans around the globe trying to get through to watch Disney +.

How to subscribe to Disney Plus from abroad

For getting the subscription of Disney +, you will have to change the country to where the Disney Plus is available. At Binge Access we recommend you to get a Disney plus VPN. One you have subscribed to a VPN you can easily sign up as well and do the Disney Plus payment. By doing this you wont have to face the issue of Disney Plus service unavailable in your country.

How to access Disney + from your country?

One you have subscribed to Disney Plus then you can watch Disney + from any country and forget about the problm of Disney plus is unavailable in your region. You would just need to change the location to either (US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada or Netherlands which is called Holland too, & start streaming your favorite shows & movies.

Best Disney plus VPN

We already have compiled a tested several VPN services providers for accessing Disney Plus which can you check here, & we can conclude that those best ones are:

How to use a VPN for streaming Disney Plus from anywhere

For accessing Disney + from outside US or anywhere in the world, you only need to follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN listed above.
  2. Download the VPN software on your device.
  3. Install the VPN application & launch it.
  4. Log in with your provided User ID and Password.
  5. Connect to any server of the country where the Disney Plus is available at.
  6. Open Disney + app and start streaming.

After doing all this, your journey will go from Disney Plus not available in your region to Disney Plus available in your region.

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