How to watch Heartland Season 16 in US for free

Canadians !!! You must have enjoyed the season 16 of Heartland but we are here for our audience who wants to watch heartland season 16 in USA for free. Heartland is a series for the Canadian CBC Audience, and that means American streaming audience can’t access CBC. Wondering what to do now? Stick around Americans to find out how to access CBC outside Canada and watch Heartland. This series has been nominated for Canadian Screen Awards, 2 Gemini Awards, & MTV Movie and TV Awards, and has already bagged a Canadian Screen Award for Best Dramatic Series.

CBC streaming platform is geo-restricted for the rest of the world and CBC is unavailable in US. To unblock CBC in USA you’d be needing a VPN service. Binge Access advocates two great VPN for CBC services below by which you can watch Heartland outside Canada from anywhere.

Best CBC VPN for streaming CBC outside Canada

If you searching for a best VPN for CBC then we advice you two of them. Either sign up for either of the VPN services mentioned below and watch Heartland Season 16 in USA or anywhere in the world by accessing CBC online.

Express VPN

Speaking of a CBC VPN service and not mentioning Express VPN will be a sin in itself. Expres VPN for CBC easily gives you the power to unblock CBC outside Canada. Once you can access CBC in USA or anywhere else by a VPN, then you can proceed to streaming Heartland Season 16 in America easily.

Nord VPN

Another cheap VPN for CBC is Nord VPN. We only call it cheap because its slightly less expensive than Express VPN and delivers great speed with CBC streaming too. You can watch Heartland 16 in UK easily with this VPN because it gives you full access to CBC in UK or USA or anywhere in the world.

How to use a VPN to access CBC anywhere in the world

Watching CBC outside Canada is very easily once you have subscribed to a VPN service. A VPN service gives you the power to stream CBC in US, UK or anywhere outside Canada. Follow the steps below to unlock CBC from anywhere:

  1. Subscribe to Express or Nord VPN.
  2. Go to the VPN’s website and download their software in your device.
  3. Activate your VPN app by logging in with your ID password.
  4. Connect to the Canada server.
  5. Click here to watch Heartland anywhere in the world with a VPN.

The trailer of Season 16 Heartland

The cast of Heartland Season 16

Shaun JohnstonJack Bartlett
Amber MarshallAmy Fleming
Chris PotterTim Fleming
Michelle MorganSamantha Louise ‘Lou’ Fleming
Alisha NewtonGeorgie
Graham WardleTy Borden
Kerry JamesCaleb Odell
Jessica SteenLisa Stillman
Jessica AmleeMallory Wells
Gabriel HoganPeter Morris
Julia Maren BakerKatie Fleming Morris
Nathaniel ArcandScot Cardinal
The official cast of Heartland 16

Dates and times of Heartland season 16 CBC

Episode No.DayTime
Episode 11January 8th, 20237 PM ET
Episode 12January 15th, 20237 PM ET
Episode 13January 22nd, 20237 PM ET
Episode 14January 29th, 20237 PM ET
Episode 15February 5th, 20237 PM ET

The Plot of Heartland on CBC season 16

Heartland is based in Alberta, Canada & relects over a family’s life in good and bad times together. This show has every emotion from love, to loss, to hardships, to success and happiness. It is a roller-coaster ride for Amy Fleming, their grandpa Jack, her older sister Lou and son Tim.

Amy Fleming wants a career as a vet, and as for Lou, she is trying to stabilize herself in the life. Shaun Johnson (Tim Fleming), Jack’s adult son he is also trying to work his way up in his career. Alisha Newton (Georgie Fleming) is facing her hormonal teenage days. Chris Potter (Jack Bartlett) who plays as the head of the family is always there to listen, advice and help when his family looks upto him. This entire of the series has very strong characters and storylines for the people acting in it. Every individual is fighting his demons and with each other help how they lead a managable and happy life.

Heartland Season 16 FAQs

When & where can I Watch Heartland Season 16?

You can stream Heartland Season 16 on CBC in Canada. If you want to access Heartland 16 outside Canada when you can subscribe to a VPN.

What is the Heartland season 16 release rate?

Sunday, 2 October 2022 was the release date of Heartland on CBC.

How to watch Heartland season 16 in USA?

You have to get a VPN which will give you the access to CBC network in America and then you can stream Heartland season 16 in US for free.

How to get a CBC account in USA?

You can sign up for a CBC account from US on their website. But the website is only accessable with a VPN. First subscribe to a VPN service in Unites States, and then open CBC website from America to register for an account.

When is the Heartland Season 16 resuming?

Heartland 16 on CBC will resume on Jan 8, 2023.

What is Heartland CBC show rating?

This show is rated as TV-PG.

What are the IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Heartland 16 show?

It scores 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.5/10 on IMDB.

How to watch Heartland 2022 show in United States?

If you want to watch Heartland CBC show season 16 that premiered in 2022 in USA then first sign up for CBC VPN service.

Is there a Heartland season 17 in the making?

There is no word on Heartland eason 17 yet.

How to access CBC in UK and stream Heartland?

If you want to access CBC in United Kingdom

How to access CBC outside Canada and watch Heartland anywhere in the world?

You will have to use a VPN for CBC to watch CBC outside Canada and then you can stream heartland on CBC online for free.

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