Max Verstappen wins the F1 Abu Dhabi GP 2022

Finally, after a grueling 9 months of super-fast Formula-1 racing, Max Verstappen closes the Formula-1 season on a high by winning the Final race of 2022 F1 season and with that wrapping the season off by clinching the F1 World Championship of 2022 which he did a couple of weeks back.

Highlights of the Abu Dhabi GP 2022

Following are the main highlights of the Formula-1 Abu Dhabi GP which took place at the Yas Circuit:

Sebastan Vettel retiring from Formula-1

The main highlight of the Abu Dhabi GP was Sebastian Vettel hanging his helmet after having a glorious F1 career. He bids farewell by parking his Aston Martin in the final points position in the race whilst doing the trademark donuts in style.

Sergio Perez finishing the Championship on 3rd spot

Sergio Perez fell short of securing the second place in the Formula 1 championship standings as he couldn’t overtake the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc in the final laps of the race who finished a strong second place and beat Checo Perez in the fight for second. A lot of people around the world were wondering if Max Verstappen would slow down to block Leclerc to help Sergio in catching Charles like Checo did in 2021, but Max being Max, left it all on Checo who couldn’t get the job done and finished third in the championship.

Schumacher out of Fomula-1

Mick Schumacher, couldn’t find a seat in F1 for 2023 season and had to bid farewell to Haas & the grid as this was his last race in Formula-1. People have been slugging at Haas for not retaining him but a fact is a fact that he couldn’t outscore or outpace his old teammate Kevin Magnussen who retuned to F1 after a sabbatical. This tells us that no matter how big of a name that you carry in F1, It can’t cloak the lack of performance you have.

Lewis Hamilton remained winless in 2022

Lewis Hamilton couldn’t even win single grand prix this season, though he came close to it but couldn’t materialize it. A lot times he was out paced by his young teammate George Russel who proved to be a worthy successor in Mercedes AMG Petronas for Lewis.

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