How to stream The Guest on Netflix in 2023

The Guest movie came out in 2014, today in this blog we tell you how to stream ‘The Guest’ on Netflix from anywhere in the world. The narrative of ‘The Guest’ film revolves around David (Dan Stevens The Guest), a former soldier, who pays a visit to the family of his deceased comrade in order to assist them. But as the family delves deeper into the enigmatic persona of David, they become entangled in a complex maze of concealed truths, deceitful tactics, and brutal aggression that may come at a heavy cost. With multiple surprising and unforeseen events throughout the film, one can be certain that The Guest (2014) will keep viewers on the edge of their seats until its gripping climax!

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The storyline of ‘The Guest’ movie

The Guest 2014 action thriller movie directed by Adam Wingard. The storyline of the movie follows a young soldier David who visits the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their deceased son Caleb. As the family welcomes David into their home, strange and deadly things start to happen. David’s mysterious past and violent actions lead to a thrilling and suspenseful ride, as the Peterson family tries to unravel the truth about their house guest. As the story progresses, it is revealed that David is a genetically engineered super-soldier with a psychotic personality and a mission to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to his identity. The movie’s twist ending leaves audiences surprised and satisfied, making it a must-watch for action and thriller enthusiasts. The Guest streaming is very easily with Atlas VPN.

The Guest trailer on Netflix

In 2014, the official trailer of “The Guest” took the audience on an intense and suspenseful journey through the film’s dark world. It established a thrilling tone with its chilling visuals, powerful music, and clever dialogue. The trailer’s electrifying direction and riveting performances provided fans with a glimpse of what would later become one of the most highly regarded films of recent times. Enjoy The Guest trailer below.

The guest streaming can be done via Atlas VPN

The Guest official cast

The cast of “The Guest” movie demonstrated immense talent and skill, injecting an additional layer of danger and tension to every scene they appeared in. Through their collective efforts, these actors formed a powerhouse ensemble that propelled this timeless thriller movie to greater heights than anyone could have anticipated.

Dan Stevens the guestDavidThe Guest with hidden motives
Maika MonroeAnnaThe suspicious daughter
Brendan MeyerLukeAnna’s younger brother
Sheila KelleyLaura PetersonLuke & Anna’s mum
Leland OrserSpencer PetersonLaura’s husband
Lance ReddickMajor CarverMilitary officer in persuit of David

Critics’ reviews of the movie ‘The Guest’ 2014

The 2014 movie ‘The Guest’ received generally positive reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes Netflix The Guest reviews reported that the film has a 90% approval rating based on 130 reviews, with an average rating of 7.6/10. Metacritic assigned the movie a score of 76 out of 100 based on 29 critics, indicating “generally favorable reviews.” The performances of the cast, particularly Dan Stevens, were widely praised, as were the film’s blend of action, thriller, and horror elements, as well as its soundtrack and overall style. However, some critics found fault with the plot’s contrivances and lack of originality. Overall, ‘The Guest’ was considered a stylish and thrilling movie with a strong lead performance from Dan Stevens.


How can I access Netflix Australia in USA?

To access Netflix AU in United States you need to subscribe to Netflix VPN, then you can watch Netflix AU shows in your country.

How to stream ‘The Guest’ on Netflix Australia from Canada?

To watch ‘The Guest’ movie on Australia Netflix in Canada you need to subscribe to a VPN for Netflix.

How to get Netflix AU outside Australia?

To get Australian Netflix outside the Australian region you must get the best Netflix VPN available in the market.

Is ‘The Guest’ movie available on Amazon Prime?

‘TheGuest’ movie is only available to watch on Netflix Australia and not on Amazon Prime.

Is ‘The Guest’ worth watching?

Critics have lauded ‘The Guest’ (2014) for its engaging plot, sleek direction, and excellent production quality. Dan Stevens’ portrayal of the enigmatic guest was also praised by many viewers for its captivating and compelling nature. These combined factors make ‘The Guest’ an essential viewing experience for aficionados of suspenseful mystery thrillers.

Is The Guest on Netflix? If yes then which one?

Yes, The Guest is on Netflix Australia to watch.

Where to watch the Guest in online?

The answer to your question where to watch The Guest online is you can watch The Guest free online on Austalian Netflix.

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