How to watch The Culpo Sisters outside US

The fans of Keeping up with the Kardashains must be sad on the ending of their favourite show but we’d like to tell you to cheer up as you can now watch The Culpo Sisters which is based on the same theme as the former reality tv series. This show was made for Discovery + and Fubu TV, so if you are in USA you can easily stream Culpo Sisters on Discovery Plus. But Hey !! What about the people who are not in The United States & want to watch The Culpo Sisters outside US? Keep reading as Binge Access has you covered.

To watch The Culpo Sisters anywhere in the world you’d have to sign up for a VPN service but can give you the access to Discovery + outside USA or which can allow you to watch Fubu TV anywhere in the world. For both Fubu TV & Discovery +, Binge Access recommends the VPN services below.

Best VPN for Discovery + and Fubu TV

We tested the VPN services below to stream Discovery plus in Australia, UK, and elsewhere in the world, and saw that they were able to access Fubu TV & Discovery + outside US easily.

Express VPN

This VPN for Discovery + worked seamlessly well in accessing Discovery Plus in Australia. After checking this VPN to stream Fubu TV and Discovery + in Australia & UK, we checked it for else where and were satisfied with the result of watching The Culpo Sisters in Australia and UK.

Nord VPN

Binge Access checked Nord VPN to access Discovery + in UK and saw that we were able to watch The Culpo Sisters in UK easily. Further we also checked that the UK server of Nord VPN worked perfectly for Fubu TV as well, so we conclude that with Nord VPN you can easily watch The Culpo Sisters in UK, Austrlia or anywhere outside USA.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is the cheapest VPN for streaming in the market. Binge Access tested this VPN to unblock Discovery + & Fubu TV outside US. The results were amazing as Atlas VPN was able to access Fubu TV & Discovery Plus outside America easily. So you can stream The Culpo Sister from anywhere in the world.

How to use a VPN to watch Discovery + or Fubu TV

To access the Fubu TV or Discovery outside US & Canada, use the VPN through the following way:

  • Subscribe to any of the above mentioned VPN services.
  • Download their VPN software in your system or phones.
  • Log in to the VPN app with the ID and password provided to you at the time to sign up.
  • Log in to your streaming platform, search for The Culpo Sisters and start watching.

The Culpo Sisters trailer

The concept of The Culpo Sisters

The show The Culpo Sisters is about three famous sisters namely Sophia, Aurora & Olivia Culpo. The show is about these sisters as they navigate their life through the drama, heart-breaks, romances, fights, professional life issues and much more as they try to settle into the city of angels, Los Angeles – California. The fun thing about this Discovery + show is that the parents of the Culpo Sister do not know what these sisters do for a living and neither they understand that what does being an ‘Influencer’ means. They are too old school to comprehend that. In this show, the sisters also confess to the show’s audience about their past traumas and issues that they had faced their lives.

This show started with the Culpos trying their best to establish their business in Los Angeles, California. Olivia Culpo, gets the main limelight of the show because of being a Miss. Universe, where as Aurora is trying to raise her two childrens and Sophia Culpo is still trying to manage her raging and changing hormones, as she is the youngest of the 3 sisters.

Another good VPN to access geo-restricted shows & movies online

Episodes’ dates of The Culpo Sisters

1November 7, 2022
2November 14, 2022
3November 21, 2022
4November 28, 2022
5December 5, 2022


When was The Culpo Sisters released?

The show was released on November 7, 2022 on Discovery + & Fubu TV.

Where can I watch The Culpo Sisters?

You can watch The Culpo Sisters on Fubu TV or Discovery Plus.

How to watch The Culpo Sisters in Australia?

You can access The Culpo Sisters in Australia on Fubu TV or Discovery + with a VPN.

How can I stream The Culpo Sisters in UK?

You can watch the Culpo Sisters in UK on Discovery + or Fubu TV with a good VPN service.

How to access The Culpo Sisters online from outside USA or Canada?

To watch The Culpo Sisters outside Canada or USA you need a VPN for Fubu TV & Discovery.

Where is The Culpo Sisters available at?

The Culpo Sisters is only available at Discovery + or Fubu TV online.

What is the IMDB rating of The Culpo Sisters?

The Culpo Sisters only has a dismal rating of 4.4 out of 10 on IMDB.

Who are Culpo Sisters?

The Culpo Sisters can be termed as a downgraded version of The Kardashians. The Culpo sisters call themselves as entrepreneurs, influencers, models, socialites, fashion designers, Miss Universe, and reality tv stars.

Who is the richest of The Culpo Sisters?

The richest Culpo Sister is Olivia with the net worth of $7 Million.

Does Netflix have Culpo Sisters?

The Culpo sisters is only available on Fubu TV and Discovery + and not on netflix or any other streaming platform or channel.

I get the message that Discovery + unavailable in your region. What should I do?

Discovery Plus is inaccessible in your region because of geo-restrictions. Get a VPN and unblock Fubu TV and Discovery from anywhere in the world.

Discovery Plus & Fubu TV unavailable outside US & Canada, what to do?

Fubu TV & Discovery + are not available outside Canada and USA, to access them online you need to get a VPN.

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