How to watch Litvinenko in US for Free

Did you catch the new show Litvinenko in ITVX? Wait !! What?! You are unable to access ITVX in US and you don’t know the reason why? Ok so here is the thing, Litvinenko series on ITVX is only available to stream in UK & ITVX is unavailable for the audience outside UK. Now you much be wondering that how to watch Litvinenko in the US for Free & how to access ITVX outside US? Keep reading Binge Access has you covered.

To access ITVX in US, or Canada, or anywhere in the world online you need a VPN subscription. A VPN will unblock ITVX for you in US region and you can access Litvinenko series on ITVX in USA for free online.

Which VPN for ITVX to get to stream Litvinenko anywhere?

We tried the three VPN for ITVX below, and found them working great to access ITVX from USA. So if you want to get ITVX in Australia, Canada, US, or anywhere outside United Kingdom, then you should subscribe to one of the VPN services mentioned below.


This VPN is a great choice if you want to get a VPN that is a little less expensive than the most expensive and delivers solid performance while accessing ITVX in Canada. Once you get ITVX in Canada you can easily watch Litvinenko in Canada or anywhere in the world easily.

Express VPN

Express VPN is also a very good VPN for getting ITVX in Australia or anywhere. Once you have the access to ITVX in Australia, then you can watch Litvinenko in Australia or outside UK. So get yourself this VPN for ITVX right away and enjoy watching Litvinenko anywhere in the world.

Atlas VPN

If you are looking for a cheap VPN for ITVX then go for this ITVX VPN. We watched Litvinenko in US on ITVX and it worked perfectly. Not even at a single moment we thought that we are using a cheap VPN for ITVX instead of an expensive one. It gave us full access to ITVX in US and you can get ITVX anywhere in the world with this VPN.

Official trailer of Litvinenko

How to use a VPN for streaming ITVX

A VPN can give you the acces to ITVX anywhere in the world, you can stream movies and shows anywhere outside UK with a VPN. Follow the steps below to watch Litvinenko anywhere in the world.

  1. Get a VPN from Atlas, Express or Nord.
  2. Download the VPN application in your device and login with your ID and password.
  3. Log in to ITVX and stream Litvinenko without restrictions from US, Canada, Australia or anywhere in the world.

The twitterati’s reactions on Litvinenko

What is the plot of ITVX’s Litvinenko?

The storyline of Litvinenko is about the officers of he famous Scotland Yard, who were allegedly responsible for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko a Russian spy. According to the reports, he was poisoned in the year 2006. This plot of Litvinenko is about the struggle of a Soviet officer against the adversity. In the show, it is shown that the Russian spy escapes from Russia and fleds to UK & later on was poisoned there. The series shows the struggle of Litvinenko’s wife against all odds to give her husband justice.

This is also a good VPN for ITVX in USA

The official main cast of Litvinenko on ITVX

Margarita Levieva Marina Litvinenko
David TennantAlexander Litvinenko
Neil MaskellScotland Yard officer, Brent Hyatt
Mark BonnarScotland Yard officer, Clive Timmons


Why is ITVX inaccessible in USA?

ITVX is a streaming service for UK only that is why ITVX is unavailable in US. But you can get ITVX in United Stated with a VPN.

When is Litvinenko releasing on ITVX?

Litvinenko was released on ITVX on the 15th of December.

Where to watch Litvinenko online?

You can watch Litvinenko online on ITVX in UK only, & if you want to stream Litvinenko anywhere else then use a VPN.

How to access ITVX in US and watch Litvinenko online?

You can get ITVX in USA with a VPN, and then you can stream Litvinenko in America easily.

How to get ITVX in Canada & stream Litvinenko?

You can stream Litvinenko in Canada with a VPN that unblocks ITVX in Canada.

How can I watch Litvinenko in Australia?

For watching Litvinenko in Australia, you’d need a VPN that gives you the access to ITVX in Australia.

How many episodes of Litvinenko are there?

There are a total of 4 episodes of Litvinenko.

Is Litvinenko coming on Netflix?

Litvinenko is only available on ITVX and not on Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, or any other streaming platform or channel

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