How to Watch His Dark Materials outside US

His Dark Materials 3 is based on The Amber Spyglass. The adoptation of this final season comes from Pullman’s third & last fantasy novel of his trilogy. To know how to watch His Dark Materials outside US, in Germany you will need to have an HBO VPN.

How to watch Dark Materials Season 3 outside USA with a VPN

Season 3 of Dark Materials will only be available on HBO Max, and the issue with HBO Max is that it isn’t available in Germany or anywhere outside US. Binge Access after doing a lot of research came up with three VPN services which work perfect with HBO Max so you easily stream Dark Materials Season 3 in Germany or anywhere outside USA easily.

Nord VPN

If you want to stream Dark Materials in Germany or anywhere outside USA you can opt for Nord VPN. This VPN for HBO Max has many servers in USA by which you can watch season 3 Dark materials online easily from anywhere in the world.

Express VPN

You can access HBO Max in Germany or anywhere outside USA through Express VPN. By subscribing to this best VPN for HBO Max, you can easily watch Dark Materials season 3 in Canada or Australia or from anywhere in the world.

Atlas VPN

We included Atlas VPN in the list because it is the cheapest VPN for HBO Max. With being a cheapest HBO Max VPN, it provides you with the ability to access HBO Max outside USA and with that, you can watch Dark Materials from anywhere in the world.

How to use a VPN to access HBO Max anywhere in the world

  • Visit Nord VPN, Express VPN or Atlas VPN, which ever you want to buy and sign up with the VPN.
  • Download their app on your device.
  • Connect to the USA VPN server.
  • Log on to the HBO Max website, search for Dark Materials Season 3 and start watching it from anywhere in the world.

Trailor of Dark Materials 3

The Plot of Dark Materials Season 3

The plot of Dark Mateirals 3 involve the story on two different universes, that are side-by-side each other. On one of them, the humans and animals (called daarmons) share their lives. The story is focused on a girl Lyra Belacqua, who tried to save the animals and humans that she loves. She has a device called the alethiometer by which she foresees the future.

Furthermore in this season, Lyra gets kidnapped by Mrs. Coulter, while WILL goes on the lookout for her. This season is based on The Amber Spyglass, Pullman’s book. The storyline involves an extremist group the Magisterium, which is ruling over many different worlds in the universe. That group makes a plan to kill Lyra because she is the second eve in this book.

The cast of His Dark Materials 3

Brian FisherThe Golden Monkey
Dafne KeenLyra Silvertongue
Ruth WilsonMrs Coulter
Amir WilsonWill Parry
Kit Connor Pantalaimon
Simone KirbyMary Malone
Cristela Alonzo Hester
Will KeenFather MacPhail
Frank Bourke Fra Pavel
Lin-Manuel MirandaLee Scoresby
Ariyon BakareCarlo Boreal
Adewale Akinnuoye-AgbajeCommander Ogunwe
Sian CliffordAgent Salmakia


When is HBO’s Dark Materials 3 coming out?

Season 3 of His Dark Materials on HBO Max will feature on December 5 at 9 pm ET.

Number of Episodes of Dark Materials season 3?

It is set to have 18 episodes.

How can I stream Seasons 1 and 2 of His Dark Materials free in Germany?

The first two seasons of Dark Materials can be watched at BBC iPlayer. For accessing BBC iPlayer in Germany, connect the UK server from your VPN.

What is the rating of His Dark Materials?

It has a rating of TV-14.

How can I stream His Dark Materials Season 3 in Germany?

You can watch His Dark Materials 3 in Germany by signing up to HBO Max.

Can I His Dark Materials Season 3 on Netflix?

No, Dark Materials 3 is only available on HBO Max and not on Netflix or any other platform like Disney PlusHuluEspnFoxtelAmazon PrimeSling TVPeacock TVBBC iPlayer, or Discovery Plus platforms, or Paramount Plus.

Which channel His Dark Materials season number 3 can be watched at?

You can watch it on HBO Max.

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