How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 online – Live Streaming

This comprehensive guide to FIFA World Cup 2022 will try to answer your every question regarding the streaming options, the matches, the schedule, and much more. At the end of this year, in the month of December, sports enthusiasts all around the world would be glued to their television sets and mobile devices to stream FIFA world cup 2022 live.

The Football FIFA world cup 2022 is one of the biggest global sports events, but many people in the world are going to face difficulties in watching the football world cup live from anywhere in the world because of geo-restrictions and that the broadcasters have placed to not show the event in their country.

Binge Access has the good news for you, now you can watch FIFA world cup 2022 from anywhere in the world. This detailed write-up will give you actual insights into the live streaming of FIFA world cup matches.

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How to Watch FIFA World Cup Online Live from Anywhere

With a VPN, you can easily watch your favorite sports from anywhere in the world. It will give you access to the content and websites that are not available in your region.

Binge Access gives you a list of very good VPNs which enable you free FIFA live stream & you can easily watch the FIFA World Cup live from any country without any issues.


You can easily stream the Football world cup 2022 live with Express VPN. Express VPN gives you easy access to all your favorite FIFA matches hassle-free. Subscribe to Express VPN & world cup stream online easily.

buy express vpn
One of the best FIFA VPN

2- Nord VPN

Stream FIFA World Cup from anywhere in the world with Nord VPN. Nord VPN offers great service when it comes to watching the Football world cup 2022 from anywhere in the world. Get Nord VPN today.

buy nord vpn
Great VPN for Streaming FIFA

3- Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is one of the top VPNs in the market. It comes at an affordable price and is great for streaming your favorite sports online from anywhere in the world. Subscribe to Surfshark right away and Livestream world cup easily.

Great FIFA VPN Surfshark

5- Atlas VPN

Last in our list of great virtual private network services for streaming sports is Atlas VPN. Atlas VPN has been performing really well with its affordable price and great quality amongst the competition and is the answer to the FIFA fans around the world of how to stream FIFA matches online with ease. Get Atlas VPN here or by clicking on the picture below.

A VPN that is light on the pocket

How to connect a VPN to watch FIFA matches online?

Step 1: Subscribe to any of the VPN service providers below:

Step 2: Download the VPN from their respected websites

Step 3: Connect the VPN to the country which is showing the FIFA World Cup matches

(for example Connect UK server to stream BBC iPlayer)

Step 4: Enjoy the Qatar Football World Cup matches online

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Where to watch Qatar Football world cup 2022 live

FIFA live is broadcasted on over 120 digital and television channels worldwide in numerous languages for the audience of different countries. There is a lot of world cup football steams available, so choose the right one for you.

Below is the chart which tells you about the FIFA live streaming that can be watched by you:

Qatar FIFA World Cup live streaming channels:

Territory/CountryRights holder(s)
ArgentinaTyC Sports
BoliviaRed UnoUnitel
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBHRT
BrazilTV Globo
CanadaBell Media
Cayman IslandsLogic
Central AsiaSaran Media
ColombiaCaracol TelevisiónRCN Televisión
Costa RicaTeletica
CuraçaoTV Direct 13
Czech RepublicČT
DenmarkDRTV 2
El SalvadorTCS
FranceTF1& beIN Sports
GermanyARD, ZDF & Deutsche Telekom
GuatemalaTV Azteca & Tigo Sports
FIFA World Cup Broadcasters with their countries

How to stream Qatar FIFA World cup Football without cable

Watching the good old television or cable TV is not everyone’s cup of coffee. Binge Access is one platform that gives you all the information on the FIFA World Cup about how to watch it live and where to stream it and how to access it.

If you don’t want to watch the Football world cup 2022 on your TV or cable then you can access the FIFA World Cup 2022 on many channels like Fubo TV, Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, etc. All these and many others are available for you to stream on your Android, Apple devices, laptops, over gadgets, etc.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 Live in the United States

Even though FIFA or football isn’t as popular in the region of the US as it is in the other parts of the world, this sport enjoys a mammoth viewership in America as well. The main broadcaster of FIFA in the region of United States is Fox Sports, which offers the matches in English commentary and language & within the US if you want to watch FIFA in the Spanish language then you will have to get a subscription for Telemundo. Both of these channels could be subscribed to on cable TV.

However, if you are an ex-pat or a foreigner living in the USA and want to watch FIFA in your own language then it could become a problem for you. But a VPN can solve all of your issues of streaming the FIFA matches in your own language. After connecting your VPN, you can choose the channel from the list above which would be giving the commentary in the language you desire and you can enjoy FIFA World Cup in your own language.

(Example: If a person wants to watch FIFA matches in the Deutsche language, then the person would connect to the German (Deutschland) server from the list of a VPN and can easily access the channels like ARD or ZDF while living in the USA.

Express VPN

How to access FIFA World Cup live in the United Kingdom

If you are in the UK and want to stream the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 live on your device then you would subscribe to a VPN service mentioned above, connect your virtual private network, and choose the region UK in it, and then you can stream your Football matches live in the UK on channels like BBC or ITV.

Nord VPN

How to stream Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 live in Canada

To watch the Qatar World FIFA Cup, live from the country of Canada, you will need to connect to your native country from the VPN server’s list, log on to your channel and enjoy the football matches streaming live.
(Example: If you want to watch the FIFA World Cup in Hindi then connect to the Indian server in your VPN, then log on to SonyLiv’s website and enjoy the Qatar World Cup 2022 live in Hindi.)

SurfShark VPN

How to watch World Cup FIFA 2022 live in Australia

SBS has secured the rights to broadcast the Football world cup live in Australia. To stream the FIFA World Cup, live in Australia you will have to connect your VPN to the country’s language that you want to watch in, like TF1& beIN Sports for France to see the FIFA matches in French commentary.

Atlas VPN

How to watch the FIFA World Cup on different streaming devices

With the help of such great VPNs like Nord, Express, Atlas, and SurfShark, you can easily steam FIFA matches on any of the devices mentioned below at the fastest streaming speeds.

How to stream Qatar FIFA World Cup on Kodi live

1- Configure the VPN on your router & connect to Kodi.

2- From the Add-on repository of Kodi set up the Fox Sports TV add-on.

3- Connect to the live server & easily stream FIFA on Kodi.

How to access FIFA World Cup on Amazon Firestick

1- Set up the VPN on your router and select the required country’s server

2- Visit the official Amazon app store & download the FOX Sports Go app. (Connection US)

3- Click on the Amazon app store & tap on “My Apps” & your app will appear

4- Enjoy FIFA Qatar World Cup after accessing it.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 on Apple TV

1- Setup a VPN on your router, visit ‘Smart Purpose Selection’ & click on Encryption protocol.

2- Choose the country’s server where your desired channel can be watched at.

3- Connect the router to your Apple TV & stream the channel you want to watch FIFA over.

4- Easily stream the Football World Cup Qatar on your Apple TV with VPN.

How to access live FIFA Football World Cup on Android apps

1- Subscribe & download to a VPN & link it with your router.

2- Connect to the required server by the channel you have selected.

3- Connect the Android device to the router & click on the streaming link on the browser.

4- Open the app and stream Soccer World Cup 2022 live on your Android device.

How to watch Football FIFA World Cup 2022 on PS4 & PS5

1- Setup the VPN for your router & connect to the required server.

2- Connect the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 to the router.

3- Visit the browser on your PS4 or PS5 and access the channel that is showing FIFA.

4- Enjoy the FIFA World Cup live on your PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

How to stream FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 live on XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE

1- Configure the VPN on the router & connect to the country’s server where the channel is available at.

2- Link your XBOX 360 & XBOX 1 with the router.

3- Launch the browser on your XBOX device and visit the channel showing.

4- Livestream FIFA World Cup 2022 on XBOX 360 & XBOX ONE.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups

Group ASenegal, Qatar, Netherlands, Ecuador
Group BUSA, England, Wales, Iran
Group CPoland, Mexico, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Argentina
Group DTunisia, France, Denmark, Australia
Group EJapan, Spain, Costa Rica/New Zealand, Germany
Group FCanada, Belgium, Croatia, Morocco
Group GCameroon, Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia
Group HPortugal, South Korea, Uruguay, Ghana
Qatar Football World Cup Groupings

FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022 – Full Matches’ Schedule

The times of the matches mentioned below are given in GMT:

Monday, November 21:

Group ASenegal v Holland, 10 am
Group BEngland v Iran, 1 pm
Group AQatar v Ecuador, 4 pm
Group BUSA v Wales 7 pm

Tuesday, November 22:

Group CArgentina v Saudi Arabia, 10 am
Group DDenmark v Tunisia, 1 pm
Group CMexico v Poland, 4 pm
Group DFrance v Australia, 7 pm

Wednesday, November 23:

Group FMorocco v Croatia, 10 am
Group EGermany v Japan, 1 pm
Group ESpain v Costa Rica/New Zealand, 4 pm
Group FBelgium v Canada, 7 pm

Thursday, November 24:

Group GSwitzerland v Cameroon, 10 am
Group HUruguay v South Korea, 1 pm
Group HPortugal v Ghana, 4 pm
Group GBrazil v Serbia, 7 pm

Friday, November 25:

Group BIran v Wales, 10 am
Group AQatar v Senegal, 1 pm
Group AHolland v Ecuador, 4 pm
Group BEngland v USA, 7 pm

Saturday, November 26:

Group DTunisia v Australia, 10 am
Group CPoland v Saudi Arabia, 1 pm
Group DFrance v Denmark, 4 pm
Group CArgentina v Mexico, 7 pm

Sunday, November 27:

Group EJapan v Costa Rica/New Zealand, 10 am
Group FBelgium v Morocco, 1 pm
Group FCroatia v Canada, 4 pm
Group ESpain v Germany, 7 pm

Monday, November 28:

Group GCameroon v Serbia, 10 am
Group HSouth Korea v Ghana, 1 pm
Group GBrazil v Switzerland, 4 pm
Group HBrazil v Switzerland, 7 pm

Tuesday, November 29:

Group AHolland v Qatar, 3 pm
Group AEcuador v Senegal, 3 pm
Group BWales v England, 7 pm
Group BIran v USA, 7 pm

Wednesday, November 30:

Group DTunisia v France, 3 pm
Group DAustralia v Denmark, 3 pm
Group CPoland v Argentina, 7 pm
Group CSaudi Arabia v Mexico, 7 pm

Thursday, December 1

Group FCroatia v Belgium, 3 pm
Group FCanada v Morocco, 3 pm
Group EJapan v Spain, 7 pm
Group ECosta Rica/New Zealand v Germany, 7 pm

Friday, December 2:

Group HSouth Korea v Portugal, 3 pm
Group HGhana v Uruguay, 3 pm
Group GCameroon v Brazil, 7 pm
Group GSerbia v Switzerland, 7 pm

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