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Young MasterChef premiered today

MasterChef has been the Mega super-hit series worldwide. Young MasterChef premiered today on BBC iPlayer. This show is the sub-franchise of the original MasterChef reality TV show. In this show, the aspiring Chef’s will again lock the horns with each other to be termed as the culinary King. The difference between this show and the main one is that this show will only feature contestants who are between the ages of 18-25 year old.

The plot of Young MasterChef on BBC iPlayer & BBC Three

As the name suggests, Young MasterChef has been planned on the same format as its big brother Gordan Ramsey’s MasterChef. The difference being that since it is for young contestants only, this show will only have contestants aged from 18-25 battle it out for the title of kitchen culinary King or Queen. It will be chaired by the judges Poppy O’Toole and Kerth Gumbs. It is their jobs to make sure that the young Chefs utilize their cullinary skills to the best of their abilities. This show can be watched on BBC iPlayer & BBC 3 in UK.

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Contestants’ names of Young MasterChef

There will a total of 15 young people fighing it out for the title of Young MasterChef.


Episode dates of Young MasterChef on BBC iPlayer

Episode 1,2, & 32nd January 2023
Episode 4,5, & 69th January 2023
Episode 7- 10To be announced

Episode dates of Young MasterChef on BBC Three

Episode 12nd January 2023
Episode 23rd January 2023
Episode 34th January 2023
Episode 49th January 2023
Episode 510th January 2023
Episode 612th January 2023
Episode 7To be announced
Episode 8To be announced
Episode 9To be announced
Episode 10To be announced

FAQs on Young MasterChef

When is Young MasterChef is releasing?

The show Young MasterChef premiered on the 2nd of January 2023 on BBC iPlayer & BBC 3 at 8:00 P.M local time.

Will Gordan Ramsey be a part of Young MasterChef?

No, Gordan Ramsey will not feature in Young MasterChef.

I’m outside UK. How do I watch Young MasterChef outside United Kingdom?

You need to access BBC iPlayer or BBC Three in order to watch Young MasterChef from outside UK, and that you can do with a VPN.

Is Young MasterChef on Sling TV?

No, this reality TV show is only made for BBC iPlayer and BBC three and no other streaming channel or platform.

What is the IMDB & Rotten Tomatoes rating of Young MasterChef?

IMDB treats it with 6.8/10 and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 77%.

How long are the episodes of Young MasterChef?

The episodes are of 30 minutes duration each and bunched up in the stack of 3 per day on BBC iPlayer and one per day for BBC Three.

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