Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell breakup

Once again, Megastar Tom Cruise & Hayley Atwell have broken up after just a couple of days of getting back together. Just a couple of days ago Tom and Hayley were seen together at the premiere of the much-awaited TOP GUN: Maverick in London, England. Their appearance in the public raised many eyebrows as to something is cooking between the pair and there is much more than just “being friends” between them.

The first linkup between Tom & Hayley

The first link-up between Cruise and Atwell happened in 2020. Back then the actor was one year less than 60 and the actress was 40 years old. The couple has also shared the screen together with the hit movie Mission Impossible 7 but as per the reports, their romance was on the rocks by the mid of 2021. As per the reports of Binge Access, they are happy being better off as friends than in a relationship together. Both the parties have zipped their lips on the current status of the relationship and there is no official word, but according to the Tinseltown’s souces. They are happily seperated.

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