Matthew McConaughey & Mila Kunis included in ‘People of the Year’

Matthew McConaughey & Mila Kunis included in ‘People of the Year’ in the People’s Magazine esteemed list of celebrities. This mega list also includes other Hollywood A list celebrities like Jennifer Hudson & Quinta Brunson who starred in Abbot Elementary.

Wendy Naugle, the editor in chief of People’s Magazine revealed this list on Wednesday. According to her the people who made it to the list were solely because of their contributions in helping others.

Why did Mila Kunis made it to the list?

The sole reason why Mila Kunis was included to the list of ‘People of the year’ is her contributions made towards the affectees in the Ukraine war. She, along with her husband Ashton Kutcher raised huge sums of money for the refugees of Russia Ukraine war. She was at the forefront of propagating about the awarenees of the charitable activities required for this conflict. The amount of $3 Million was raised by her.

“The events that have unfolded in Ukraine are devastating. There is no place in this world for this kind of unjust attack on humanity”.

Mila Kunis

How did Matthew McConaughey made it to People’s magazine’s list?

Matthew made it to this list because of his advocacy efforts for the shooting incident that happend in Uvalde school in Texas, USA. This place is close to McConaughey’s heart because it was his hometown.

“We have to do better for our kids.”

Matthew McConaughey

Brunson, who won the Emmy Award for his role in Abbot Elementary was also celebrated for her on screen work. According to People’s magazine her work brought joy to the people and how different people from different backgrounds can work in co-existance.

The final & official list from People’s Magazine will come out on the weekend.

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