Mariah Carey overtakes Taylor Swift on Billboard 100

Mariah Carey overtakes Taylor Swift from the top spot of Billboard 100 charts with her song “All I want for Christmas is you”. Taylor Swift, who enjoyed the top spot at the Billboard charts for six weeks with her song “Anti-Hero” finally got dethroned by Mariah’s number. Christmas is right around the corner & Mariah’s decades old song coupled with the Santa season right around the corner did the trick for Miss. Carey.

As of now, all the top 4 places on the Billboard 100 charts are taken over by the Christmas numbers, and one of them is Mariah’s All I want for Christmas is you.

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Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you: Official Video

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This song first debuted way back in 1994 was an instant hit. This Christmas carol with the touch of romantic was just what the people needed in the cold December nights to keep the warmth alive. This song had its ups and downs with the passage of time, but this is one of those songs who always came back in the Top 10 after dropping far below in the list, which not many songs have done.

All I want for Christmas is you : Song’s journey on Billboard charts

1994The first ever release
2017Return to the Top 10 list of Billboard charts
2018Breaking the Top 5 slot again of Billboard 100
2019Three weeks on number 1
2020Two weeks on number 1
2021Again three weeks on number 1
2022Getting on top Billboard spot again before Christmas
The journey of Mariah’s song on Billboard charts

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