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The movie ‘Black Girl Missing’ potrays an intriguing drama where a woman goes on a look out for her young daughter. This film is based on a true story where the racial discrimination of the society against the black people is being portrayed. The movie ‘Black Girl Missing’ is available to be watched on Hulu in United States of America. This movie is another one of those streaming flicks which put an emphasis on the rights of African-American people. Everybody witnessed the #BlackLivesMatter campaign over the murder of George Floyd and how it became a cult around the world. The black Americans, or the African race living anywhere in the world would resonate with this movie on personal level. Black people around the world must be wondering that how to stream Black Girl Missing outside US right?

As usual, Binge Access recommends getting a VPN for the people living outside US if they want to access Hulu. You can stream Black Girl Missing on Hulu in Canada, UK or anywhere else in the world with the help of Express VPN. Express VPN easily unblocks Hulu in UK, Canada or anywhere else where it is geo-restricted to be streamed from.

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How to stream Black Girl Missing movie with a VPN?

To watch Black Girl Missing outside United States, you need to have a VPN Subsciption first. Binge Access has laid down an easy to follow step by step process below which tell you how to access Hulu anywhere in the world.

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Black Girl Missing movies’ trailer

The plot of the movie ‘Black Girl Missing’

This movie is about a teenage girl who goes missing. Her mother goes out on full search for her employing her every resource just to get her daughter back. This movie is based on reality that how the people of black skin are discriminated around the world. When doing the search for her daughter she finds out that police dismisses her case only because of the fact that she was an African-American. This film sheds light on how a lone ranger, a black mother, takes things in her own hands to find her daughter when the system doesn’t support her because of racial discrimination.

Black Girl Missing movie is about Cheryl who is tormented over the fact that her daughter Lauren vanished all of a sudden. She knocks on every door she could find help from, media, influential people, police, but gets non-supportive replies from everywhere she visits. When she loses all hope in the system, she takes things into her own hands and teams up with her another daughter Marley (15 years old) , and together they find people on the internet who are willing to help them to find Lauren.

Apart from having a gripping storyline, this movie sheds light on the much bigger issue that is being faced by the black community around the globe. It shows a clear distinguish in how the lines are drawn between white people and black people. Later on in this movie Cheryl ends up making a foundation called ‘Black and missing foundation’.

Full cast & crew of ‘Black Girl Missing’ on Hulu

Cast & Crew memberCharacter played/Role
Linda ParkElise
Garcelle BeauvaisCheryl/Executive producer
Iyana HalleyLauren
Taylor MosbyMarley
Taylor Ann ThompsonAnnie
Betsy BakerMrs. Brown
Jeanette BranchLoretta
Elisha DavisTanesha Howard
Noah FearnleyIan/Charlie
Cleo FraserBella
Zack GoldEddie
Shelley JaneAnnie’s friend
Taylor MosbyMarley
Jason EdenbergExecutive producer
Chet FensterExecutive producer
Richard FosterExecutive producer
Gordon GilbertsonExecutive producer
Timothy O. JohnsonExecutive producer
Stacy MandelbergExecutive producer
Delmar WashingtonDirector
Kale FuttermanWriter
The full cast and crew of ‘Black Girl Missing’


When is ‘Black Girl Missing’ film releasing on Hulu?

The ‘Black Girl Missing’ movie premiered on Hulu on March 04, 2023.

How long is the movie ‘Black Girl Missing’?

The runtime of this movie is one hour and twenty four minutes.

Is the movie ‘Black Girl Missing’ available on Foxtel?

Foxtel isn’t streaming ‘Black Girl Missing’ only Hulu is.

How do I watch ‘Black Girl Missing’ movie in United Kingdom?

To stream ‘Black Girl Missing’ film on Hulu in UK you need a Hulu VPN.

Can I watch ‘Black Girl Missing’ movie in Canada?

Yes you can access ‘Black Girl Missing’ film in Canada with a VPN for Hulu.

Which is the Best VPN for Hulu?

There are several different VPN services that can unblock Hulu in your country. Binge Access recommends Express VPN.

Can I watch ‘Black Girl Missing’ online on Hulu outside USA?

The only way to watch ‘Black Girl Missing’ movie outside United States is to get access to Hulu outside US first, and that is only done via a good Hulu VPN.

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