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How to watch Dear Ishq in US on Hotstar

Hotstar brings you another great show to stream and its called Dear Ishq. All the streamers in India can easily watch Dear Ishq in India on Hotstar. This gem is crafted by Atif Khan which shows the story about two entirely different people and they fall in love with each other. Produced by Patnik duo of Mamta and Yash the streamers can watch this show on Hotstar from 26th of January, 2023 in India.

Binge Access won’t leave its audience in US, Australia, UK, or somewhere other in the world wondering that how to access Hotstar outside India with a VPN. We are here to tell you can watch Dear Ishq in US with Express VPN. Express VPN will easily unblock Hotstar anywhere in the world for you so you can enjoy Dear Ishq from anywhere online.

Get Express VPN & access Hotstar from anywhere in the world

How to use a VPN to unblock Hotstar outside India

Follow the step by step process below to access Hotstar from anywhere in the world with Express VPN & watch Dear Ishq show on your devices.

  1. Subscribe to Express VPN & download the app in your device.
  2. Connect to Indian server & log in to Hotstar.
  3. Find Dear Ishq and stream it in US or anywhere else in the world.

The plot of Dear Ishq on Hotstar

Atif told Binge Access that Dear Ishq will have everything to keep the steamers entertained throughout. This will be a love story, and with that it will be having all the elements of a masala love scenario. Audience will witness the clash of egos between the people, fights, doubts & betrayals. Niyati Fatnani and Sehban Azim will be seen as the leading characters in this novel based show, as the audience will see the love between the writer and the editor. The actual character in the novel were of Abhimanyu Razdan and literary editor Asmita Roy.

Moreover Atif added that audience wil witness the love, arguments, and chemistry between the two very strong headed individuals. Azim’s character will be enacted by Abhimanyu Razdan who is famous for writing his romantic novels.

The official trailer of Dear Ishq

The official cast and actors of Dear Ishq

Sehban AzimNiyati Fatnani
M RaiKunal VermaVikas Grover
Kishwer MerchantJyoti B.
These are the actors and actresses of Dear Ishq on Hotstar


How to stream Dear Ishq in UK on Hotstar?

You can get Dear Ishq in UK by signing up with a VPN that can give you the access to Hotstar in UK.

Can I watch Dear Ishq in Canada?

If you want to watch Dear Ishq in Canada then you will have to get a VPN that will get you hotstar in Canada.

How to access Hotstar in USA?

To watch Hotstar in USA you need get a VPN.

How to watch Dear Ishq online for free outside India?

If you want to access Dear Ishq show on Hotstar outside India then you will have to subscribe to a VPN service.

Where to watch Dear Ishq in Australia?

To access Hotstar in Australia you need a VPN subscription, once you have that you can stream Dear Ishq in Australia easily.

Why is Hotstar not available outside India?

Hotstar isn’t available outside India because this service is exclusively made for the Indian streaming audience, but you can unblock hotstar anywhere in the world with a VPN.

Is Dear Ishq based on a novel?

Yes, it is based on a novel by Ravinder Singh.

Is Hotstar free?

No, to watch Hotstar you need to buy its subcription.

Which is the best VPN for Hotstar?

The best Hotstar VPN is most definitely Express VPN. We tried streaming Hotstar in USA, Canada, UK, & Australia with this VPN and found that it worked perfectly everywhere.

Is Dear Ishq available on Sling TV?

Dear Ishq isn’t available on Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or any other channel or streaming platform.

When is Dear Ishq releasing?

Dear Ishq will be released 26th of January, 2023 on Disney+ Hotstar.

Can I stream Dear ishq show in US?

You can access Dear Ishq show IN USA on Hotstar with a VPN.

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