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How to watch 100% Wolf: Book of Hath outside Australia on ABC iview for free

Come along with Freddy and his former companions as they navigate a world where werewolves are finding it challenging to blend into human society. However, things take a strange turn when unusual creatures begin to emerge, and a formidable sorceress poses a threat to their survival. Amidst all this chaos, a fluffy, pink were-poodle emerges to prove that he is indeed a true wolf at heart. If you’re wondering how to watch “100% Wolf: Book of Hath” in New Zealand & USA, then look no further than ABC iview, where you can stream it for free.

Access ABC iview in USA & New Zealand with VPN

To watch 100% Wolf: Book of Hath in USA or New Zealand on ABC iview for free you require a VPN service. Binge Access recommends subscribing to Nord VPN to access ABC iview in NZ or United States. Follow the steps below to unblock ABC iview in your country right away.

  1. Sign up with Nord VPN.
  2. Download the VPN application.
  3. Open the VPN app and connect to Australia server.
  4. Log in to your account of ABC iview.
  5. Find Book of Hath and stream it in USA, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world.

The plot of 100% Wolf: Season 2

Freddy and his comrades are back in the second season of “100% Wolf,” where they return to Howlington to confront their most challenging adversaries yet. They must engage in a daunting battle against ancient dark magic, a showdown that will take them on a journey through time and space. Their task is not only to rescue Milford, but also to protect werewolves worldwide, with the fate of the entire planet hanging in the balance.

The trailer of 100% Wolf: Book of Hath

Embark on an exhilarating new adventure with “100% Wolf: Book of Hath” and join the Howlington pack. Witness Freddy and his companions as they face their most challenging adversaries yet, confronting ancient dark magic to safeguard the world. Get a glimpse of the action-packed journey by checking out the trailer now!

Trailer of 100% Wolf: Book of Hath

If you came here to watch the trailer of 100% Wolf: Book of Hath and you get a message of “Video unavailable – The uploader has not made this video available in your country”, then you most definitly need a VPN service to change your location so that you can stream the trailer without glitches.

100% Wolf: Second season Book of Hath cast

The skilled voice actors of “100% Wolf: Book of Hath” bring to life a delightful and enchanting cast of characters through captivating and expressive performances. Each character possesses distinct qualities, and the voice actors’ efforts make it effortless to immerse oneself in their exciting escapades. Here is a list of the voice cast of “100% Wolf: Book of Hath”:

Actors/ActressesCharacter played
Ilai SwindellsFreddy Lupin
Akmal SalehThe voice of Wally
Jai Courtney Flasheart
Samara WeavingBatty
Rhys DarbyFoxwell Cripp
Jane LynchThe Commander
Rupert DegasThe voice of the Great Baba
Loren Gray Scarlett
Alexs StadermanHugo
Cam RalphJimmy
The entire cast of ABC iview’s 100% Wolf: Book of Hath cast

100% Wolf: Book of Hath cast episode guide

Binge Access brings you a complete episode schedule of 100% Wolf’s season Book of Hath below:

Episode 1 Return of the Poodle – 1st May 2023

Following his graduation, life becomes mundane for Freddy until peculiar creatures emerge in Milford, spurring him to reconnect with his former gang and commence an investigation.

Episode 2 Fluffy Balls Of Pain – 2nd May 2023

The children are caught by surprise during their inaugural mission as diminutive creatures launch an assault on Cripp in the Wolfatorium. Nevertheless, they swiftly grasp that the wolves are the actual targets.

Episode 3 The Frog of Truth – 3rd May 2023

Freddy and his companions embark on a mission to reveal Hotspur’s malevolent scheme of destroying Howlington. Their pursuit brings them to a truth-gas-burping frog that might possess the solution to unmasking Hotspur’s genuine intentions.

Episode 4 Something Peculious – 4th May 2023

The Howlington Bureau of Investigation’s first-ever case appears to be a snare as they fall prey to Yapi, the scheming Shih Tzu’s deception, leading them to execute his wicked plan.

Episode 5 What Lurks Beneath – 5th May 2023

Freddy and Batty begin to fret after chasing a misleading lead from Priya, suspecting that they have discovered a monster dwelling in the sewers. Luckily, Aggie’s scientific acumen comes to their aid, helping them extricate themselves from this chaotic predicament.

Episode 6 Feed The Beast – 8th May 2023

It proves to be a challenge to keep the bizarre creatures concealed in Howlington, particularly when they become famished, and Yapi’s interference jeopardizes the HBI’s chance of remaining covert.

Episode 7 The Eagle Has Landed – 9th May 2023

Freddy falls behind in his studies, rendering him unable to participate in HBI missions. However, when a volcano endangers Milford, he seizes the opportunity to employ his newly acquired knowledge.

Episode 8 Taming Of The Sloth – 10th May 2023

What brings a baby sloth to Milford docks, and what is the reality behind Swiss, the wolf hunter’s, proposal to launch a cake shop?

Episode 9 The Beast of Farfang – 11th May 2023

In the latest episode of “Book of Hath,” Freddy and Priya unleash a silver fox that hunts werewolves, endangering the pack.

Episode 10 Family Portrait – 12th May 2023

Freddy stumbles upon a link to his ancestor, Tora Lupin, upon discovering her picture in an ancient book, but he quickly realizes that the book is far from ordinary.

Episode 11 Prawn To Be Wild – 15th May 2023

The HBI is tasked with tackling a giant, uncontained shrimp or prawn in Milford, while Winslow recognizes that he is the sole individual capable of deciphering a cryptic book.

Episode 12 Double Trouble – 16th May 2023

When kids start experimenting with spells from an enigmatic book, they quickly discover that the magic is capricious, putting Batty’s endurance to the test.

Episode 13 Wolfageddon – 17th May 2023

Yapi pilfers the spell book, resulting in a Fangdemic and chaos in Milford. As a result, the HBI is held accountable, and Hotspur takes measures to shut them down.

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Synopsis of 100% Wolf: Book of Hath

100% Wolf: Book of Hath is an animated TV series produced in Australia that follows the thrilling escapades of Freddy Lupin, a young werewolf who has not yet achieved his full wolf form. In the face of strange creatures appearing and a malevolent sorceress threatening his very existence, Freddy must prove his worth as a true wolf with the aid of his loyal companions.

The series boasts a unique take on werewolf lore, incorporating a delightful twist with the inclusion of a fluffy pink werewolf named Batty, who has quickly become a beloved character among viewers. The show blends humor, emotion, and excitement, making it an ideal watch for audiences of all ages.

Critics reviews on 100% Wolf Book of Hath

The animated series, 100% Wolf’s second season Book of Hath, has received rave reviews from critics for its delightful and magical storyline that offers a unique twist on werewolf mythology. Viewers of all ages are captivated by the charming characters and exceptional voice acting, which create an immersive experience. The show strikes a balance between humor and heart while also delving into important themes such as friendship, loyalty, and perseverance. Critics have deemed it a must-watch for those seeking an uplifting and meaningful animated series.


What time does ‘100% Wolf: Book of Hath’ come on ABC iview?

The episode timing of ‘100% Wolf: Book of Hath’ animated series on ABC iview is 5:03 PM- 5:26 PM Australia time.

What is the release date of 100% Wolf: Book of Hath second season?

100% Wolf: Book of Hath second season premiered on 1st of May, 2023 on ABC iview Australia.

Where to watch ‘100% Wolf’ second season “Book of Hath” in New Zealand & USA for free?

To stream 100% Wolf: Book of Hath in New Zealand & USA for free, you need to first subscribe to ABC iview VPN, that will give you the access to the shows on ABC iview from anywhere in the world.

Where was 100% Wolf: Book of Hath shot at?

100% Wolf: Book of Hath is an animated series that was produced using computer software, rather than being filmed in the traditional sense. The voice actors likely recorded their dialogue in a recording studio to be integrated into the animation.

How to unblock ABC iview outside Australia?

To access ABC iview outside Australia and watch the shows and programs on it, you need to subscribe to a VPN service which will give you access to ABC iview’s programs from any country in the world.

Why choose Nord VPN for ABC iview?

NordVPN, a popular virtual private network (VPN), claims to offer the fastest speeds in the market. It is ideal for streaming 100% Wolf: Book of Hath. Although it may be more expensive than other VPNs, the value it provides justifies the cost.

The security features offered by NordVPN are equally impressive, including military-grade encryption, a kill switch, and a strict no-logs policy to safeguard your online privacy. Furthermore, TrusterServer technology ensures that even if the server is rebooted, no data can be stored on it.

Users have praised the combination of NordVPN’s high-speed and strong security. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to allow users to try it out risk-free.

Overall, NordVPN is an excellent option for those in search of a fast and secure VPN to watch 100% Wolf: Book of Hath. Although it may be more costly than other options, its exceptional features make it well worth the investment.

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