How to watch Becoming Frida Kahlo in your country

BBC iPlayer has again brought an amazing documentary having three parts called ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’. This series is about the mysteries surrounding Frida Kahlo and debunking them. It talks about her passion for artistry, and how she managed to get her name written in the history books. You can watch Becoming Frida Kahlo on BBC iPlayer exclusively in UK.

But hey!! Are you wondering what to do about streaming Frida Kahlo because you live in USA or Canada? Don’t worry and keep reading this blog as Binge Access tells you the ways to access BBC iPlayer in US or Canada easily with a VPN.

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Quick steps in accessing BBC iPlayer to stream ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’

Follow the steps below to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada or USA. Once you access BBC iPlayer online, then you can stream any program online in your country.

  • Subscribe to SurfShark VPN.
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  • Connect the UK vpn server.
  • Search for ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ or any other program that you want to watch on BBC iPlayer & stream it in your country.

The plot of ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’

“Becoming Frida Kahlo” is a documentary film that explores the life and work of the iconic Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo. The film takes the audience on a journey through Kahlo’s life, from her childhood in Mexico City to her rise to fame as one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century.

The documentary features interviews with a range of experts, including art historians, curators, and Kahlo’s biographer, as well as people who knew Kahlo personally. It also showcases a variety of Kahlo’s artworks, from her early sketches to her most famous paintings, providing insight into her artistic process and the themes that inspired her.

Through this exploration of Kahlo’s life and art, the film highlights the challenges she faced as a woman and as an artist, including her struggles with physical pain and disability, as well as her relationships with men and women. Ultimately, the film reveals how Kahlo’s unique perspective and artistic vision continue to resonate with audiences around the world, making her an enduring icon of Mexican culture and feminist art.

Becoming Frida Kahlo’s trailer

Episodes of ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ on BBC iPlayer

There will be three episodes of the documentary series ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’. The details of these episodes are as under.

Episode No.1

The first episode’s name is ‘The making and breaking’. It will be premiered on 10th March 2023. This episode shows that as Frida faces an accident her life changes forever completely. She finds a new passion in painting. Later she meets Diego Rivera who becomes her love interest.

Episode No.2

The second episode (Love and Loss) of ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ shows Frida’s journey living as a married woman in USA in the year 1930. She faces her husband Diego gets framed in a political scandal while she makes her life through the negative aspects of Capitalism. Struggling in life, she goes through a bad miscarriage.

Episode No.3

The final installement of ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ is named ‘A Star is Born’. In this last episode of the documentary, it is showed that how she fights back with all the struggles in her life, and even with her health problems her passion for artistry shines.

Cast and crew of ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ on BBC

Diana BermudezFrida Kahlo (voice)
Louise LockwoodDirector
Becky MarshallProducer
Nancy BornattExecutive Producer
Mark HedgecoeExecutive Producer
James RoganExecutive Producer
Soleta RoganExecutive Producer


What is the release date of Becoming Frida Kahlo?

The three episode documentary series ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ was released on 10th March 2023 on BBC iPlayer.

How to watch Becoming Frida Kahlo in USA?

To stream the documentary Becoming Frida Kahlo in US, you need a BBC iPlayer VPN.

What time ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ will come on?

You can watch Becoming Frida Kahlo on BBC iPlayer from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM

How do I watch Becoming Frida Kahlo in Canada?

You can stream ‘Becoming Frida Kahlo’ in Canada with a VPN for BBC iPlayer.

Can I access BBC iPlayer outside UK to watch Becoming Frida Kahlo online?

To watch BBC iPlayer outside UK you need to have a VPN. Once you have a VPN then you can access Becoming Frida Kahlo anywhere in the world online.

Is Becoming Frida Kahlo available on Disney Plus?

No, becoming Frida Kahlo is not available on Disney Plus but only on BBC iPlayer.

Why is BBC iPlayer not available in US?

BBC iPlayer isn’t accessible in USA because it is being geo-restricted. However, with a VPN you can access BBC iPlayer in United States easily.

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