How to Watch That’s My Jam in US for Free

We know that it is hard for the audience in US to see that how the fans in UK seems to be enjoying he premier of That’s My Jam in their region. This show has created quite a buzz after it was premiered on 17th of December 2022. This show has a great combination of musical tasks with the elements of conventional reality game shows. But hey !! Are you wondering about the audience of USA, Canada and Australia? Well Houston we have a problem, as BBC iPlayer is unavailable in US & you can’t watch the shows and movies outside UK that are streaming on BBC iPlayer. But worry not as Binge Access brings you the solution to your question of how to watch That’s My Jam in US for free with a VPN.

Keep reading as we tell you that with a VPN you can access BBC iPlayer anywhere outside UK, so you can watch That’s my Jam in Canada, Australia or anywhere else in the world. This show is jam packed with the celebrities of Hollywood and trust us that you wouldn’t want to miss this reality show.

Best VPN to access BBC iPlayer in USA

We give you three VPN for BBC iPlayer below, we tested these BBC iPlayer VPN services on in different countries and they worked perfectly in unblocking BBC iPlayer anywhere in the world. So, once you get the access to BBC iPlayer, you can easily watch That’s My Jam show anywhere outside UK.

Express VPN for BBC

We tested Express VPN primarily in USA and saw that we easily accessed BBC iPlayer in US & watched That’s My Jam in America. By spending little subscription fee, you can get BBC iPlayer in USA and easily stream That’s My Jam show in United States. Our team further tested this VPN in different parts of the world and we easily streamed this show on different countries’ locations too.

Nord VPN for BBC

We tested this VPN in accessing BBC iPlayer in Canada & watched That’s My Jam in Canada with Nord VPN easily. This VPN easily unblocked BBC in Canada & our team could easily watch That’s My Jam in Canada. However, we also tested this VPN in other regions apart from Canada and it worked great so we can conclude that you can easily get BBC iPlayer anywhere outside UK with Nord.

Atlas VPN for BBC

If you are looking for a cheap VPN for BBC iPlayer then your best bet is Atlas VPN. We tested Atlas VPN mainly in the location of Australia and saw that we watched That’s My Jam show in Australia on BBC iPlayer easily. Apart from just Australia, we tested Atlas VPN in different locations too and saw that this VPN was able to give access to BBC iPlayer shows anywhere in the world.

Step by step process of using VPN to get BBC iPlayer

  1. Sign up for any of the VPN services mentioned above.
  2. Download VPN app in your system or the device that you’re using.
  3. Login with your provided user ID and password.
  4. Find the That’s My Jam show on BBC iPlayer and stream it anywhere in the world.

The official trailer of BBC’s show : That’s My Jam

The episodes of That’s My Jam & their dates

Episode 117th December 2022 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 224th December 2022 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 331th December 2022@ 9:35 PM
Episode 47th January 2023 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 514th January 2023 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 621st January 2023 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 728st January 2023 @ 9:35 PM
Episode 84th Feburary 2023 @ 9:35 PM

The full cast members of BBC’s That’s My Jam

The fans are elated to see that some of the old members of That’s My Jam have returned for this season’s show, making it more exciting. The cast of the BBC’s show includes:

Wanya MorrisVocal legend (Boyz II Men)
Tom GrennanMusician
Tom Ellis Actor and producer (Lucifer)
Thom EvansFormer professional rugby player
The VivienneDrag Queen
Shawn StockmanVocalist (Boyz II Men)
Sandra Denton Queen of hip-hop (Salt-N-Pepa) 
Ricki LakeTelevision personality & actress
Reggie WattsMusician & comedian (The Late Late Show with James Corden)
Patsy Palmer Actor and DJ (EastEnders)
Nicole ScherzingerSinger, song writer and TV personality
Mary FitzgeraldReal Estate Agent
Lucy DavisActor (The Office)
Kimberly WyattPop icon and DJ (The Pussycat Dolls)
Joey Fatone Entertainer and singer (N-SYNC)
Jason DeruloWorld-renowned musician
Gina YashereStand-up comedian, actor and writer
Donny OsmondLegendary entertainer
David KoechnerActor and comedian (The Office, Anchorman)
Courtney ActDrag queen
Chrishell StauseAward-winning actor and star of Selling Sunset
Chris CarmackActor (Grey’s Anatomy)
Cheryl JamesQueen of hip-hop (Salt-N-Pepa)
Camilla LuddingtonActress (Grey’s Anatomy)
Billy BoydActor and musician (The Lord of the Rings)
Becky HillMusician
Amber Riley Actress, singer and producer (Glee)
Aloe BlaccSinger-songwriter

The pattern of BBC’s show That’s My Jam

The game show That’s My Jam is about the fusion of games and entertainment together. This show requires the celebrities or contestants to show their unique talents. Mo Gilligon features in this show with his trademark wit and humor as he is incharge or directing the teams for their challenges. The show is about the celebrities being put to test their skills, for example a certain contestant will be required to sing in a genre which he or she isn’t very fond of or has never sung in.

So don’t miss this epic show as Mo Gilligon puts the celebrites to a musical test which will keep the audience glued to their screens as they stream That’s My Jam on BBC online.

Another great VPN for streaming BBC anywhere in the world


How to watch That’s My Jam in USA for free?

You can stream That’s My Jam in US with a VPN that can give you the access to BBC in United States.

Where to watch That’s My Jam in Canada online?

You can get That’s My Jam on BBC in Canada but only with a VPN service that gives you the access to BBC shows in Canada.

How to access BBC iPlayer in Australia and watch That’s My Jam show for free online?

You can unblock BBC online in Australia through a VPN. Once you get access to BBC then you can enjoy That’s My Jam from Australia.

Can I watch That’s My Jam outside UK?

You can watch That’s My Jam outside United Kingdom with a VPN for BBC.

Why is BBC not available in USA, Canada & Australia?

BBC is unavailable in Canada, Australia and America because of geo-restrictions placed by the BBC.

When is That’s My Jam on BBC is releasing?

The musical show That’s My Jam was premiered on December 17th, 2022 in UK for BBC’s subscribers.

What is the rating of That’s My Jam and its Genre?

TV-G is the rating and reality TV show is the Genre of BBC’s That’s My Jam.

Which TV channel is streaming That’s My Jam?

BBC one and BBC iPlayer are the home to That’s My Jam musical reality show.

Is That’s My Jam on Netflix?

No this show is only for BBC network and not for Netflix, Peacock TV, Foxtel or any other streaming service.

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