How to watch Home Town Season 7 outside US

Home Town Season 7 is a new series on HGTV which features two main characters, Ben Napier & Erin Napier. The couple lives in their laid back town of Laurel, Mississippi and just can’t enough of its historic heritage. If you are anywhere outside of USA and want to watch Home Town season 7 in Canada or in Australia then worry not, keep reading as Binge Access gives you all access to HGTV from anywhere in the world.

Best HGTV VPN to watch Home Town Season 7 from anywhere in the world

For streaming Home Town Season 7 in Austrailia, Canada or from anywhere in the world, you’d be needing a VPN. By subscribing to a VPN service you can access HGTV outside USA and watch Home Town 7 online from anywhere.

Binge Access has short-listed two best VPN for HGTV. If you subscribe to these HGTV VPN services, then you can easily watch Home Town 6 on HGTV from Canada or anywhere in the world.

Express VPN

Express VPN performed best in unblocking HGTV outside US. We tested this VPN for streaming HGTV, & specifically for watching Home Town Season 7 in Canada or anywhere in the world & it performed the best.

Nord VPN

Nord VPN comes at a close second in accessing HGTV outside USA. It has all the required features by which you can watch Home Town season 7 outside USA. This is a little cheaper VPN than Express, but it is sufficient for you to watch Home Town season 7 in Australia or in Canada.

Home Town Season 7 trailer

There isn’t an official trailer of Home Town but the video below comes close to being an official one.

Plot of Home Town Season 7

Both Ben and Erin Napier does a full time business of turning old homes into new immaculate ones. Ben has the skill of carpentry and he uses this skill with Erin’s aesthetical imagination to turn old houses into the work of art. The series is all about how they renovate and turn the old houses into new ones one at a time.

Steps in accessing HGTV with a VPN outside USA

  1. Sign up for Nord VPN or Express VPN.
  2. Download and install their app in your device.
  3. Open the app and connect USA server.
  4. Browse Home Town Season 7 on HGTV, and start streaming!
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FAQs of Home Town series

Why can’t I access HGTV outside USA?

You can only unblock HGTV outside US with a VPN.

What is the rating of Home Town series?

This reality TV series is rated as TV-G.

What is Home Town’s IMDb rating?

It has a rating of 8.1/10.

How to watch Home Town Season 7 in Canada?

You can stream Home Town Season 7 in Canada with a VPN.

Where to watch the Home Town Series online in Canada?

HGTV in Canada can be accessed with a VPN. After signing up for VPN you can unblock HGTV in Canada and watch Home Town season 7.

What is the release date of Home Town Season 7?

December 4, 2022.

Where can I watch Home Town Season 7 online?

You can watch Home Town Season 7 online at HGTV.

Is Home Town series 7 available on Netflix?

No, it is only available on HGTV & not on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus or any other streaming platform or channel.

How to watch Home Town Season 7 in Australia?

You can stream Home Town Season 7 in Australia with a VPN.

Get Nord VPN

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